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Gattefossé sets 2024 under the theme of "Renaissance" for its new INSPIRATION release. Between reality and imagination, Gattefossé transports its clients into a dreamlike world where nature intertwines with magic for a fresh start. 

A new kit composed of 7 magical formulas

The application laboratories of Gattefossé in France and the United States have co-developed seven new formulas to stimulate imagination and explore new horizons. Infused with enchantment, this new collection perfectly illustrates the need to reconnect with nature and draw from the imagination to marvel and cultivate moments to dream. A proper antidote for the current societal context!

Exploring the wooded and dreamlike universe of Renaissance

This new edition unveils itself as a story composed of two key chapters – "Walk in the Woods" and "Eternal Daydream" – each exploring, in its own way, a common approach: the Renaissance

Chapter I : Walk in the woods

In this chapter, beauty emanates from the depths of the Earth, emphasizing the importance of protecting and reconsidering nature at its true worth. It highlights the need to restore the whimsical and marvelous connection between humans and nature. 

Mas’Caring Primer | 2861-1.02 

Mas’Caring Primer

Our story comes to life at the heart of the forest with the Mas'Caring Primer, a 2-in-1 formula: a mascara primer and a lash care product. This base is creamy and soft thanks to the presence of Emulium® Dolcea MB, which enhances lashes without clumping and boosts the performance of mascara. Additionally, Lipocire™ A SG adds a touch of smoothness, while Definicire®, used at 5%, helps recreate the hair's protective lipid layer to nourish the lashes naturally.

Root Renewal Essence | 2829-1.06 

The narrative continues with the Root Renewal Essence, a serum that deeply acts on the scalp and is characterized by its rapid absorption without leaving a greasy finish. The key to this ultra-light formula lies with the addition of Emulium® Dermolea MB, our newest oil-in-water emulsifier, used at 2.5% to create the serum texture and help soothe sensitive skin. Definicire®, a texturizing agent, is added to promote healthy and strong hair. Inspired by the act of rewilding found in nature, this serum, enriched with various active ingredients and natural extracts (Original™ Rice Extract, Gatuline® Age Defense NP, Gatuline® Renew), revitalizes the scalp, bringing restoration and moisturization to dry and damaged hair.

Root Renewal Essence

Redness Rescue Paste | 2862-3.07

Redness Rescue Paste

The chapter concludes beautifully with Redness Rescue Paste, an all in-one formula offering a dual transformation, both visually and in sensoriality. In the blink of an eye, this paste transforms into an easy-to-apply, spreadable cream. Its green color instantly morphs into beige to correct redness, provide coverage, and even out the complexion.

This water-in-oil formula perfectly showcases the distinctive properties of Emulium® Illustro while Gatuline® Radiance is added to enhance skin radiance.

Chapter II : Eternal Daydream

Turning to the next chapter, magic and reverie invite you to escape through fantasy to a dreamlike world, leaving room for wonder and contemplation of an eternal life. This enchanting atmosphere awakens the child within us to dream of a better future. 

Cosmic Chromorphing Shadow | 2865-7.05

Cosmic Chromorphing Shadow

A new enchanting chapter unfolds with our Cosmic Chromorphing Shadow, a creamy eyeshadow that transitions from glittering silver to cosmic gray. It is a remarkable transformation that allows for creating a princess-worthy smoky eye. Chosen for its robustness and ability to stabilize over 15% of pearls, Emulium® Dolcea MB brings an extreme softness and delightful after-feel to the eyelids. Lipocire™ A SG adds creaminess and smoothness for easy application on the eyelids. Your gaze transforms to reflect a magical universe. 

Starlight Luminizer Serum | 2855-3.02

The story continues! Upon application, the magical glitter of Starlight Luminizer Serum immerses you in the cosmos. This sparkling serum is designed to reflect the enchanting splendor of a starry night and contains gold, silver, and bronze pearls. A simple re-application of the serum can adjust the intensity of the glitter. Emulium® Dermolea MB suspends the pearls while maintaining a fluid formula, providing short- and long-term hydration. Acticire® MB offers comfort and additional moisture. EnergiNius®, an active ingredient derived from Indian Ginseng, stimulates cellular vitality, bringing tonicity to the body and face. Discover a magical fusion of revitalizing benefits and the shimmering glow of glitter. 

Starlight Luminizer Serum

Dreamy Cloud Cream | 2853-1.10

Dreamy cloud cream

When daydreaming, we often find ourselves with our head in the clouds. Aptly named, the Dreamy Cloud Cream has an airy texture and whipped pale pink appearance, providing a sensation of nebulous lightness. The velvety emulsion is crafted with Emulium® Dolcea MB, contributing a smooth texture, optimal hydration, and extreme softness. The feeling of weightlessness, akin to floating in the clouds, is made possible by the presence of Elevastin, an active ingredient with anti-gravity properties. 

Gelly Pink Potion | 2859-1.15

To conclude this excellent chapter, Gelly Pink Potion transports you back to your childhood. With its iconic Barbie pink color and cocktail of active ingredients, this enchanted potion provides a radiant complexion. Emulfree® CBG MB, the magical ingredient behind this bi-gel texture, provides a quick break effect and an immediate feeling of freshness upon application. Enriched with potent ingredients such as Original™ Cranberry Extract, Solastemis, the formula transforms into a unique sensory experience where each fruity note evokes a benefit for the skin (antioxidant, nourishing, refreshing, purifying, radiant complexion, etc.).

Gelly Pink Potion

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