About us

Our mission is to advance science for well-being. 

Founded in Lyon, France, in 1880, Gattefossé is a leading provider of specialty ingredients and formulation solutions for the beauty and health care industries worldwide.

Specialists in lipid and plant chemistry, we design and produce effective natural actives and functional lipid excipients. 

Our history is based on our founders' deep-rooted commitment to sustainable development, innovation and the quality of our relationships with all the players in our ecosystem. We give our customers and partners all the attention and resources they need to develop expert, tailor-made and responsible solutions. Thanks to us, they can provide their own customers with solutions that meet the same standards worldwide. 


"Taking care is our job. Every day, we put our scientific know-how to work for the well-being, health and beauty around the world. 

Taking care also means carrying out our job with sincere thoughtfulness towards people, relationships and the planet."


Ségolène Moyrand President - Gattefossé Group

At the core of our development

People make our name


Gattefossé is the last name of the family business. It is also the name of a human adventure that has made our international group a recognised player in the science of beauty and health since 1880.

It is a name that brings together all the group’s employees and ambassadors. Those who make the reputation of our excellent know-how, recognised by our customers and partners, and contribute to establishing the reputation of Gattefossé throughout the world.

Our reputation is spreading thanks to the enthusiasm of those who accompany us. This is why we can affirm with pride and recognition: People Make Our Name

Our global footprint​


We operate in 90 countries,  relying on a global network of experts. Whether scientific, commercial or industrial, they meet the specific needs of our customers, adapting to their market and culture.

Our 12 subsidiaries and 40 agents and distributors form a qualified, multicultural and multilingual team. Our customer service, combined with our 4 technical centers of excellence and formulation laboratories, provide responsive and tailor-made support.

Our production sites, spread over 3 continents, secure our supply chain.


Our CSR approach​


Gattefossé has a long-standing commitment to ethics and social, societal and environmental responsibility.

We have developed our CSR approach, Gatt’Up&Act around 3 main pillars:

  • preserving our environment,
  • caring for our people,
  • acting as a world citizen.

We created the Gattefossé Foundation in 2008. Its mission is to promote the benefits of clinical aromatherapy for patient well-being.

We see CSR as a lever for growth, a source of opportunity and innovation.

140 years of family history


The history of Gattefossé began in 1880. 

Over the years, the company has evolved through the life experiences, know-how and convictions of the family leaders. For years, science and care for people and the planet have guided their steps.

Today, the company is run by the 5th generation of the founding family.

Gattefossé in numbers