Gattefossé India

Created in 2007 and based in Mumbai, Gattefossé India is a strategic supplier for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals companies in India.

Under the leadership of Dr. Sunil Bambarkar, Gattefossé India is responsible for sales, marketing and technical service support throughout the Indian subcontinent. It sustains a profitable operation, supported by a professional team assisting its customers in their product developments using its application laboratories.

The company has a well-equipped application lab – TECHNICAL CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE in Mumbai an FDA approved laboratory to facilitate the use of APIs in Pharmaceutical formulations & is established to deliver services pertaining to use of Gattefossé excipients in Pharmaceutical Dosage Formulations & Personal Care Formulations.

Focus on our Technical Centre of Excellence

The mission of our Technical Centre of Excellence is to support our local customers & to generate innovative applications for our excipients based on an informed perception of Indian, regional, and global needs that would act as a valuable resource to the industry.

Lab projects are more dedicated to advice customers on trouble shooting & providing ready to use guidelines for using Gattefossé excipients in following applications:


Sustained Release formulations


Bioavailability Enhancement


Topical creams, gels, lotions & foam formulations


Personal Care Products


Various workshops, lipid schools, texture showcase and seminars are organised by experts for detailing benefits of Gattefossé products.


Other info about us:

  • Gattefossé India is an active member of IPEC – India wherein our Managing Director, Dr. Sunil Bambarkar represents Gattefossé & is a part of Core Committee of IPEC – India.
  • CSR activity:  As a part of CSR activity, we provide financial support to NGO “SUPPORT” working on providing care to improve reintegration to the street children of Mumbai.

Personal Care

We are experts in two complementary fields: lipid chemistry and plant extraction. This know-how enables us to meet the latest market trends in both natural performing actives and functional excipients, recognized for their sensorial benefits.


If you are looking for high quality excipients, personalized technical support and expertise in formulating with lipids then you’re in the right place to learn more.


Gattefossé India Pvt. Ltd.
Equinox Business Park, Tower 3, Floor 3, East Wing,
Off BKC, LBS Marg, Mumbai, 400080.
Maharashtra, India.

+91 22 61368000