Sustainable sourcing

At different stages in its history, Gattefossé has placed considerable emphasis on the study of botany. Its investment is proof of the company’s intense interest in plants as high-quality, complex raw materials requiring in-depth scientific study so they can be put to good use in industry.

Extensive research in botany

We have experts in charge of researching plant essences from across the world for use in cosmetic products. Gattefossé’s “per molecule” approach helps determine families of plants that can be used as raw materials following bibliographical studies and recommendations from farmer-suppliers.

We also study co-products of the food industry, which generates a lot of green waste. This innovative process means Gattefossé seeks out all potential opportunities! Once a plant has been identified, background research is carried out, looking at the land where the plant grows, cultivation conditions, position in the wider ecosystem, etc. Regulatory issues are also considered early in the process.

For instance, to bring a product to market in China, the plant extracts used must appear in the Inventory of Existing Chemical Ingredients in China (IECIC). Then the “sourcing” process begins. Gattefossé will use “regular” suppliers in countries it already knows, but elsewhere, the company will call upon representatives from its “academic network” who will liaise with potential growers.

When making its selection, Gattefossé prioritizes the preservation of biodiversity, especially when it comes to wild plants.

To this end, intensive critical analysis are carried out in light of the Nagoya Protocol Regulations of 2014. So, for instance, when harvesting horse chestnut flowers in the Monts d’Ardèche park for the manufacture of Gatuline® Link N Lift, suppliers only touch the lower third of the trees to protect the surrounding fauna, especially birds.

horse chestnut flowers
The horse chestnut flowers are handpicked in Ardèche, France, for responsible sourcing.

Supplies of the highest standard

The quality of raw materials has always been a primary consideration at Gattefossé. Effective, safe raw materials have been important to Gattefossé since they are essential to the design of its products. Moreover, the whole concept of responsibility is firmly anchored in Gattefossé history; sustainability of resources and growing conditions have always been at the center of consideration.

Today, Gattefossé will only use raw materials from known sources with high quality standards. In fact, the company would never create a new active ingredient from a plant unless it knew exactly how it had been cultivated and could ensure that harvesting the crop had not caused any harm to the environment.

Similar standards are expected for the hydrogenated and interesterified plant oils used in lipid chemistry. In 2010, Gattefossé became a member of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), a group tasked with promoting the growth and use of palm oil that meets stringent sustainability standards around the world. Our manufacturing sites in France and Singapore are RSPO certified.

100% RSPO segregated sustainable palm
Lipocire™ A SG is composed of 100% RSPO segregated sustainable palm and palm kernel oils.