Application laboratories

Gattefossé application laboratories are responsible for demonstrating the benefits our ingredients can offer to prototype formulations. They provide advanced technical support needed to develop a cosmetics and drug formulas. 

Our formulators work in close collaboration with research and development teams to analyze the behavior of our ingredients and excipients and demonstrate their benefits in formulations. We offer our customers efficient and innovative solutions that match global cosmetic and pharmaceutical trends and comply with global regulations. 

Four Technical Centers of Excellence (TCE) inspiring innovation

Gattefossé’s laboratories are located in France, China, India, and the United States. These strategic positions enable close, local relationships with our customers. 

 They provide personalized service and technical support to help optimize the performance of any cosmetic and pharmaceutical products by using our ingredients. All four sites comply with the safety, hygiene, and quality standards required of our profession and are equipped with the same advanced technologies our customers use, thus guaranteeing manufacturing process reproducibility. 

Our pharmaceutical application laboratories

The goals of our pharmaceutical application laboratories are:

  • To provide customer technical support,
  • To characterize and optimize the performance of excipients in drug delivery systems and processes,
  • To share knowledge through education and training. 

Our formulators advocate the use of a variety of excipients and therefore address a range of dosage forms for different routes of administration: 

  • Oral administration—production of controlled-release oral dosage forms, enhancement of active ingredient bioavailability through self-emulsifying lipid formulations (SELFs), development of solid SELFs, etc. 
  • Topical administration—formulation of O/W and W/O emulsions, ointments, and anhydrous gels, and characterization of their sensorial properties 
  • Rectal and vaginal administration—selection of the most appropriate suppository bases for an active ingredient and development and characterization of suppositories and pessaries 

Our cosmetic application laboratories

Our cosmetic application laboratories apply their technical expertise to fulfill their missions: 

  • Evaluation of our active and functional formulation ingredients 
  • Qualification of new raw materials 
  • Co-creation of innovative products in response to regulatory changes and new market trends, with the help of our R&D teams 
  • Development of formulas specifically requested by our customers 
  • Design of raw material formula kits 

Every day Gattefossé formulation teams apply their extensive knowledge and expertise  to offer customers original formulas—with textures matching current trends—for all applications: face, body, hair care, makeup, sunscreens, and much more.