Lipid chemistry

Gattefossé has developed unique, respected expertise in lipid chemistry over the last 70 years. We design and manufacture functional ingredients for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Gattefossé and lipid chemistry, a long history since 1937 

In the footsteps of Emile Mahler, Gattefossé has developed unique, respected expertise in lipid chemistry.  

Lipid chemistry is a pioneering discipline that continues to offer new opportunities for development. Since Gattefossé produced its first continuous phase aqueous emulsions, lipid chemistry has played a key role in shaping the organization’s core business and directed it towards two market sectors: personal care and pharmaceuticals.  


Robust processes for superior quality 

Lipid chemistry is built around well-known esterification, trans-esterification, and hydrogenation reactions. Sophisticated process engineering and fine analytical characterization yield products with specific properties. 

Our scientists are constantly improving their skills in various fields such as analysis, enzymatic catalysis, molecular distillation, and extrusion. Their connection to a larger scientific network and participation in national and international initiatives ensure Gattefossé remains at the level of excellence on which it has stood for decades. 


Lipids for personal care and pharmaceuticals applications 

Our lipidic products are manufactured using vegetable oils, a wide array of plant-derived fatty acids, and alcohols. Our lipid chemists are able to develop high-quality, functional pharmaceutical excipients and personal care ingredients having targeted properties through the selection of raw materials, the design and the control of the synthesis reaction. 

Gattefossé offers a wide range of ingredients: emulsifiers, emollients, texturizing agents and stabilizers for personal care applications. They are used to give texture to any applications such as facial care, body care and hair care; they can also be added to any makeup and sun protection formulas. 

These products are also used to solubilize and carry active pharmaceutical ingredients, improve, and regulate their bioavailability, or mask their taste. Our extended range of excipients allows for oral, cutaneous, rectal, or vaginal drug administration. Naturally, Gattefossé excipients meet the quality criteria of pharmacopoeias worldwide. 


Committed to a strong level of responsible science 

Gattefossé has always combined science and consciousness to create innovative cosmetic and pharmaceutical ingredients. We take particular care to control our operations to limit any impact on the environment and ensure that we respect the biodiversity. 

Gattefossé has long been committed to the responsible sourcing of raw materials. In addition to being a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), the company supports cooperatives and oil producers involved in sustainable production processes.