Topical drug delivery

 Oil in water and water in oil emulsifiers, solubilizers (oily vehicles, surfactants, solvents) and thickeners at a glance!


Our excipients enable the formulation of all topical and transdermal dosage forms, with attractive textures aiming at improving patient adherence, while ensuring safe and efficient topical or transdermal drug delivery.
Our range includes solvents, penetration enhancers, emulsifiers, co-emulsifiers, surfactants, co-surfactants, thickeners, emollients and oily vehicles.

Main functionalities at a glance

graphical chart of Gattefossé topical excipients plotted by their HLB versus their melting point

Process and formulation

To increase adherence to skin treatments, it is important to consider patient’s needs, when designing the dosage form. Gattefossé excipients can be used in many dosage forms such as creams, emulgels, lotions, foams, microemulsions and gels.