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Sensorial experts for more than 20 years, Gattefossé consistently surprises and delights with innovative cosmetic textures.

Five years ago, Gattefossé created INSPIRATION; a tool to discover new sensorial experiences and galvanize creativity. This creative concept provides pleasure, a sense of astonishment, and motivation to awaken formulators’ innermost imaginations.

INSPIRATION highlights one or more topics, each of which offers a refreshing take through novel textures and visuals. The prototypes that illustrate each idea will encourage formulators to rediscover Gattefossé’s ingredients outside of their comfort zone.

INSPIRATION for 2023 presents a new topic: DARING ON THE DAILY

This year, Gattefossé invites customers to re-enchant their daily lives and dare to be unique. Due to a world in constant flux, consumers are reinventing their routines, rather than following normal conventions.

For this new INSPIRATION, Gattefossé sets the tone for 2023 by giving a new narrative called: DARING ON THE DAILY! It is a joyful invitation that shakes up everyday conventions to celebrate life as a manifesto and assert your uniqueness.

This new expression of beauty is highlighted by 3 main themes – I.D. Manifesto, Playground, and Experience the Unexpected – encouraging disruptive & playful cosmetics.

Inspired by these trends, Gattefossé’s application lab has developed a collection of 7 innovative formulas that break the norms and explore new territories. Surprising & delightful, this new collection invites everyone to have fun, be bold, and be whimsical!

Be “daring on the daily”!

7 new formulas to shake up your daily routine and dare you to be yourself!

I.D. Manifesto

It is no longer a question of trying to hide imperfections; but letting them be a pathway to individuality. This trend anchors a desire for self-acceptance and self-expression.





Primer-to-Powder is a makeup base featuring Emulium® Illustro. It starts with a rich, creamy texture that dries down to a powdery, matte finish, and leaves a silky smooth, even skin tone with long-lasting comfort and moisturization.
(99.6% natural origin)

Glittering Gummies

Let’s now discover the Glittering Gummies (2745-3.04), a surprising travel-friendly format for a highlighter, made possible by Emulium® Kappa MB! Compact and easy to carry, this solid O/W emulsion is perfect for touch-ups on the go.

It offers an ultra-bouncy effect and melting sensation thanks to Lipocire® A SG and creates a fresh and watery effect upon application.
(97.4% natural origin)

Holo Eye Liner



Craving uniqueness? The Holo Eye Liner (2758-1.11) has been designed to reveal the eccentricity living in you while reamining smudge-free and waterproof. Creamy and quick-drying, it melts seamlessly thanks to Lipocire® A SG to leave an intense purple, holographic line with long-wear properties! Emulium® Dolcea MB shows unfailing efficiency and robustness with this formula rich in pigments.
(92% natural origin)


Cottage Cheese cream



What if everyday life became a playground (again)? Gattefossé encourages more playful cosmetic application with our Cottage Cheese cream (2748-1.11) and its Squid Ink Topping (2748-2.04)! With Emulium® Dolcea MB, Acticire® MB, and EnergiNius® this creamy, yogurt-like texture delivers moisturizing and energizing benefits, perfect for daily application. Recommended once a week or once a month, mix it with 2 drops of the Squid Ink Topping, enriched with Original Extract® Ginger, to create your own detox mask!
(99.5% natural origin)

Experience the unexpected

Chayote-Kiwi Sorbet


It’s time to discover new territories! Between the real and imaginary, appearances can be misleading…
Like the Chayote-Kiwi Sorbet (2694-3.03), is it a beauty sorbet or a granita? With its light green color, you first see a food-like texture that you would love to eat. Upon initial application, you’ll feel a fresh, creamy yet powdery sensation, that leaves a dry, soft, non-tacky after-feel due to Emulium® Mellifera MB. This cushion cream brings a refreshing and intense moisturization, acts as a blur, and protects the skin from photoaging with Solastemis™. The skin appears radiant, even, and healthy.
(99.4% natural origin)

Alien Slime



Alien Slime (2614-3.01) is another optical illusion! is it slime, or is it a cosmetic? Try it and you’ll be surprised by its comfortable, stringy, but non-sticky after-feel thanks to Emulium® Dolcea MB & Acticire® MB.

Adapted for sensitive skin, it has a long playtime which is perfect for a soothing massage! It can also be used as a leave-on so that you can appreciate its nourishing properties.
(98.2% natural origin)


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