Formulation development

Technical centers of excellence

Gattefossé has built a solid scientific reputation with its functional excipients and their drug development applications. Continuous R&D investment and employment of highly qualified scientists demonstrate our commitment to providing customers worldwide with quality technical support.

In 1960, we established our first R&D and Applications laboratories at our French headquarters. Since then, we have opened three new Technical Centers of Excellence worldwide: Shanghai, China (2007), Mumbai, India (2008) and Paramus, New Jersey, USA, (2017).

Formulation support and knowledge sharing

The main aims of these centers are:

  • to provide customer technical support
  • to characterize and optimize the performance of excipients in drug delivery systems and processes
  • to share knowledge through education and training.

Frequent dialogue between pharmacists and chemists at these centers enhances our understanding of drug development and the pharmaceutical environment in different countries. It also serves to expand our expert knowledge on excipients, processes, and drug delivery technologies.

Gattefossé scientists have continuously developed close relationships with researchers from pharmacy faculties at universities around the world. These collaborations continue to be a source of inspiration, innovation, and learning and have led to many publications in peer review journals.