Emulium® Dermolea MB

Sensitive skin shield

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Exposed to environmental stress, the skin’s barrier function is altered, facilitating the penetration of irritants, and increasing Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL). As a result, the skin becomes dry and presents sensitivity, associated with redness and a stinging sensation.

There is a growing need for mild, soothing texture ingredients that reduce skin sensitivity to aggression and enable the use of skincare and make-up products without reaction and discomfort.

Emulium® Dermolea MB, an O/W emulsifier, reduces skin stress and brings long-term soothing thanks to its unique lipidic composition rich in sterols and triterpenes. Highly moisturizing and protective, it is shown to reinforce the skin barrier function. Used at up to 4%, it is suitable for all skin types, in both humid and dry climates.


  • Creates a thin, skin-compatible moisturizing film
  • Reinforces the skin barrier function
  • Easy to process in lab and production
  • Protects against inflammatory stress induced by pollution
  • Long-lasting and long-term moisturization
  • Long-term soothing effect
  • Use level 2-4%

  • 100% natural origin (ISO 16128)
    COSMOS approved
    Readily biodegradable
    Certified RSPO Mass Balance

  • Polyglyceryl-6 Distearate (and) Candelilla/Jojoba/Rice Bran Polyglyceryl-3 Esters

    China NMPA notified

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Emulium® Dermolea MB was obtained using Gattefossé’s proprietary knowledge on the wax butter technology. Candelilla wax, rice bran wax, and jojoba wax have been selected for their complementary properties and functionalized with polyglycerol-3.

Coupe peau Emulium Dermolea MB

Composed of plant lipids close to those of the skin’s surface, rich in anti-inflammatory pentacyclic triterpenes and sterols, Emulium® Dermolea MB forms a fine skin-compatible film, proven to reduce environmental skin stress.

Highly moisturizing and protective, it reinforces the skin barrier function and brings long-term soothing.


Formulation Image Emulium Dermolea MB

Capable of emulsifying oil phases up to 40% Emulium® Dermolea MB can create sprays to thick butters suitable for skin care, suncare, makeup and hair/scalp care.

In the form of pellets, it is very easy to formulate and it forms stable emulsions. The use of a gelling agent is recommended for better stability, particularly at high temperatures. 


Emulium Dermolea MB woman image

Emulium® Dermolea MB creates thin and light textures with a:

  • Glossy appearance
  • High spreadability
  • Low film residue
  • Low greasiness
  • Smooth and comfortable afterfeel
Sensory Profile Emulium Dermolea MB

Adapted to all climates:

An emulsion containing 4% of Emulium® Dermolea MB presents a similar sensory profile in temperate and tropical humid conditions.

Clinical evaluation

Petri dish with a smear of white cream on gray background.

An active emulsifier:

Substantiation tests have been conducted to prove that Emulium® Dermolea MB is not only an emulsifier but also an active functional ingredient:

  • Ex vivo test : Protection against pollution
  • In vitro test: Reinforcement of the skin barrier function
  • 3 in vivo tests: Long-lasting and long-term moisturization, long-term soothing effect, suitable for sensitive skin