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Joining Gattefossé means becoming part of an international scientific group on a human scale, in which new challenges for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics come to fruition every day. It means joining a company that has chosen a culture based on the quality of human relations and the pursuit of scientific excellence, inspired by the needs of its clients and its thirst for innovation

Join a group with strong values, upheld for over 140 years:

Thoughtfulness & consideration 

Thoughtfulness and consideration are values we honour both towards human relations and to environment. At Gattefossé, each person matters and we are attentive to their needs. We work in accordance with the same interpersonal ethical standards for all our stakeholders, whether it be our customers, suppliers, partners, distributors, or the academic world of research. It is also our sense of responsibility towards the environment, the preservation of the planet’s ecosystems and resources, that always guides our actions.

Humility & authenticity 

It is in the nature of the Gattefossé community to embark upon a relationship of equals, to welcome their interlocutors with kindness, open-mindedness and simplicity, to take an interest in their needs with sincerity, to share their know-how with a view to creating optimal product quality and to challenge their ideas to take science forward. 

Commitment & expertise 

Being curious about scientific advances, having an insatiable appetite for innovation, gaining a head start, experimenting with determination and rigour, fully committing ourselves, carrying out our work with passion: this is why, when we take on a development project, we study every single detail of it, and work assiduously to bring it to a successful conclusion. With a high level of excellence and usefulness, the utmost consideration for the needs of our customers, and with respect for people and the planet. 

Perseverance & sustainability 

Knowing how to devote the time it takes to obtain a detailed understanding of a need and to develop a high-quality product, giving research the time it deserves, searching until you find a solution or realise that you won't find one, prioritising long-term relationships both internally and externally – all this is what makes Gattefossé truly special.

Remaining an independent family business, in a world where everything is getting faster, means being able to grant yourself the time needed to do a job well, while showing agility and responsiveness. It means looking to the future by developing over the long term.


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About us

  • About us

Our mission is to advance science for well-being. ​ Founded in Lyon, France, in 1880, Gattefossé is a leading provider of specialty ingredients and formulation solutions for the beauty and health care industries worldwide.​ Specialists in lipid and plant chemistry, we design and produce effective natural actives and functional lipid excipients. ​ Our history is based on our founders' deep-rooted commitment to sustainable development, innovation and the quality of our relationships with all the players in our ecosystem. We give our customers and partners all the attention and resources they need to develop expert, tailor-made and responsible solutions. Thanks to us, they can provide their own customers with solutions that meet the same standards worldwide. 


Corporate social responsability

  • CSR

Gattefossé has always combined science and consciousness to innovate in cosmetic and pharmaceutical ingredients. A science of excellence that respects the living world in all its forms. We take particular care to control our operations to limit any impact on the ecosystems surrounding us. Let's discover together how we are committed to an elevated level of responsible science.

International presence

Thanks to our international expansion, we gain a detailed understanding of the needs of each market, so that we can deliver tailor-made and innovative solutions. ​ Our aim is to develop a local and agile approach, bringing and sharing our expertise in every territory. Our employees and partners around the world are fully committed to our customers in a spirit of trust, collaboration and responsibility.​ Today, we operate across 90 countries, and generate almost 78% of turnover from international sales. ​