Lipocire™ A SG

Sustainable texturizing

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This waxy compound has a very good affinity with the skin’s hydro lipidic film. It has a melting point close to skin temperature and delicately melts on the skin, offering comfort, softness, and a unique sensorial experience.


  • Vegetable butter
  • Perfect heat stability
  • Gives body to emulsions
  • Improves spreadability and comfort
  • Use level 2-10%

  • 100% natural origin (ISO 16128)
    COSMOS approved
    Readily biodegradable
    Certified RSPO Segregated

  • C10-18 Triglycerides

    China NMPA notified


Composition lipocire A FG

Lipocire™ A SG is composed of 100% RSPO segregated sustainable palm and palm kernel oils.

The fruit of the palm tree has dark red skin and yellow-orange flesh, and it is particularly rich in nutrients. The pulp of the fruit and the almond within its kernel both have a high triglyceride content (>50%).

The unique composition of Lipocire™ A SG is obtained by interesterification.


    Sensory image

    Easy to formulate and with no adverse effect on heat stability, Lipocire A SG can transform the most unexciting formulations into sensorial winners.


    • Boasts great affinity with the cutaneous hydro-lipidic film due to triglyceride content
    • Exhibits perfect heat stability
    • Gives body to emulsions
    • Improves spreadability and comfort
    Formulation Lipocire A SG

    Tested in lipstick by a panel of sensory experts and compared to cocoa butter, Lipocire A SG brings:

    • Easier and smoother application
    • Better homogeneity of color and transfer
    • More glossy film
    • Higher coverage
    • Long lasting comfort
    Petri dish with a smear of white cream on gray background.

    Other grades of Lipocire™ available:

    • Lipocire™ CM SG has a melting point slightly higher than Lipocire™ A SG and is better for formulations with greater rigidity, e.g., sticks and pressed powder.
    • Lipocire™ DM SG has a melting point higher than the two other grades and is better for formulations with still greater solidity, such as pencils.


    Sensory Lipocire A SG

    Formulations containing Lipocire A SG are recognizable for their ease of application and comfortable afterfeel.

    Tested by a panel of sensory experts, in a skincare emulsion, Lipocire A SG brings:

    • Melting sensation upon application
    • Body and creaminess
    • Light after-feel