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Women's medicines

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Every woman faces a gynecological disorder at some point in her life, during puberty, maternity, menopause or post menopause. These age periods structure the women’s health market with treatments for menopause related disorders, postmenopausal osteoporosis, infertility, endometriosis, gynecological cancer and birth control.

Pediatric medicines

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Pediatric patients have specific needs we have to take into account when developing formulations:
- need for dose flexibility to adapt to the body weight
- difficulty to swallow pills
- very sensitive to bitterness
- delicate skin

Focus on some solutions adapted to these specific challenges.

Smiling pediatric patient at the doctor's office

Formulating cannabinoids with lipid excipients

  • Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids are challenging drugs to formulate

cannabis plant in front of a lab technician

Formulating cannabinoids for the topical route of administration

  • Cannabinoids

Discover Gattefossé solutions to develop topical dosage forms of cannabinoids.


Formulating cannabinoids for the oral route of administration

  • Cannabinoids

Discover how enhancing oral bioavailability of cannabinoids with lipid-based formulations and Gattefossé solutions for oral delivery of cannabinoids.

woman taking a drop of CBD tincture