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Labrafac™ MC60

Boost your drug bioavailability

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Harnessing lipids as plasticizers in hot-melt extrusion: a gateway to innovation

  • Hot melt extrusion

Unlocking a new opportunity to use lipid excipients


Labrafac™ MC60 is an efficacious intestinal permeation enhancer for macromolecules: Comparisons with Labrasol® ALF in ex vivo and in vivo rat studies

  • Publication
  • Scientific publication

Jun 2024

In this article, demonstration on how Labrafac™ MC60 acts as a safe intestinal permeation enhancer is given, with insulin as a model molecule. Studies were conducted in vivo and ex vivo, using isolated muscle-stripped rat jejunal and colonic mucosae.

Breaking boundaries in veterinary medicines

  • Animal Health

Part 4: Excipient Strategy for Safe Injectable Drug Delivery


Breaking boundaries in veterinary medicines

  • Animal Health

Part 3: Excipient Insights for Optimal Oral Drug Delivery


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