For almost 140 years, successive generations of scientists have been contributing to the development of Gattefossé’s know-how in plant extraction and lipochemistry. This expertise has extended throughout the years to other complementary fields with the aim to develop, produce and market first-class products and services of a consistently high quality, while leading the way for innovation and creativity.

Lipid chemistry


Gattefossé has developed unique, respected expertise in lipid chemistry over the last 70 years. We design and manufacture functional ingredients for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Plant chemistry


Gattefossé has long excelled at plant chemistry. It all dates to the turn of the last century, with distillation of essential oils in Provence, France. The company gradually expanded this core expertise to include selective extraction of phytochemicals to provide the cosmetics industry with innovative, effective actives.

Skin biology


Gattefossé opened a cell biology laboratory, including clean rooms, at its headquarters in 2013. The laboratory technicians and scientists work on skin cells and tissues and carry out research in skin biology aimed at developing cosmetic substantiation tests and innovative investigative models.

Sustainable sourcing


At different stages in its history, Gattefossé has placed considerable emphasis on the study of botany. Its investment is proof of the company’s intense interest in plants as high-quality, complex raw materials requiring in-depth scientific study so they can be put to good use in industry.

Sensory analysis


As a leader in the field, we have established a panel of experts specialized in the characterization of textures - cosmetic products and topical pharmaceutical formulations. They can accurately assess the physical and sensorial properties of any product and translate these impressions into objective data, regardless of whether they are evaluating our own formulas or any other product on the market.

Application laboratories


Gattefossé application laboratories are responsible for demonstrating the benefits our ingredients can offer to prototype formulations. They provide advanced technical support needed to develop a cosmetics and drug formulas. 

Regulatory & toxicology


The cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries are subject to strict rules that vary from place to place and are constantly evolving. To ensure full product compliance, we stay abreast of all such regulatory developments.