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Silicones and quaternary compounds are the main cosmetic ingredients used as hair conditioners. They are both efficient, in different ways, but have limitations regarding biodegradability, build-up effect and image. In addition, they are not natural and are unlike the complex hair lipid layer.

Definicire® is an active texturizing agent that recreates the hair protective lipid layer. 100% natural origin, based on functionalized jojoba and sunflower seed waxes, it ensures perfect hair discipline in all climates, and a comfortable smooth feel.


  • Increases hair hydrophobicity
  • Ensures hair discipline: frizz and volume control, curl definition even under high humidity
  • Inhibits the effect of static electricity
  • Facilitates combing
  • Enhances hair smoothness
  • Protects from pollution
  • Patent pending
  • Use level 2%

  • 100% natural origin (ISO 16128)
    COSMOS approved
    Readily biodegradable

  • Jojoba Esters (and) Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Wax (and) Polyglycerin

    China NMPA notified

The ingredient video summary


Jojoba seed

A biomimetic lipidic composition:

Gattefossé has placed its expertise in lipid chemistry at the service of haircare.

Definicire® is a unique ingredient obtained by interesterification of jojoba wax and sunflower seed wax in presence of polyglycerol. Its composition has been optimized to recreate the performance of sebum and 18-MEA which are known to provide naturally the best protection of the hair.

Clinical evaluation

Woman applying spray on curly brown hair

Healthy hair is hydrophobic. Definicire® reinforces the hydrophobicity of the hair. It acts as a lubricant decreasing friction between hair fibers and improves hair quality in both dry and humid conditions.

The benefits of Definicire® have been evaluated in comparison with silicone oils and a quaternary ammonium:

  • The formulation containing Definicire® creates the most hydrophobic film.
  • Definicire® provides a humidity barrier and helps to maintain the hairstyle.
  • Definicire® prevents the appearance of frizz and fly-aways.
  • Definicire® helps retain curl shape and definition even in humid weather.