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We are experts in two complementary fields: lipids and plant chemistry. This know-how enables us to meet the latest market trends in both natural performing actives and functional ingredients, recognized for their sensorial benefits.

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Emulium® Dermolea MB

Sensitive skin shield

Emulium® Dermolea MB is a multifunctional plant-based O/W emulsifier particularly adapted to sensitive skin.
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Our favourite formulas

Alien Slime


An optical illusion cream-gel that may surprise with its stringy, slime-like texture but captivates with its comfortable and non-sticky after-feel - perfect for a soothing massage.

Comforting Body Balm


If you have dry or sensitive skin, this is the balm you need. This O/W emulsion melts on the skin and gives an instant sensation of comfort.

Instant Radiant Tinted Cream


Bring moisture to your skin while unifying your complexion at the same time. This O/W tinted cream is light, shows good spreadability and is suitable for sensitive skin.

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Unexpected Suncare

Gattefossé has applied its sensory and formulation expertise to suncare to meet…

Unexpected suncare