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Unleash your creativity

Crafted by Gattefossé's experts, discover 6 new makeup formulas designed with naturalness and sensory appeal.

From face to eye and lip makeup, each formula champions naturalness without compromise.

The meticulous selection of botanical extracts and sustainable ingredients underscores Gattefossé's commitment to eco-conscious beauty, offering an ethical choice without sacrificing performance. These creations blend natural elements seamlessly with sensory delight.

Key points about this formula kit

* Film-former (Natpure Film AP) of Definilash Mascara could be considered not vegan because of some enzymes used in the manufacturing process, despite of their absence in the finished product.

Prep' your skin!

Well-prepared skin is essential for a long-lasting makeup. Energizing Primer is an hybrid skincare x makeup formula that which offers multiple benefits for the skin:

  • Emulium® Dermolea MB creates a soothing shield, perfect for the most sensitive skins.

  • EnergiNius® features vitality boosting properties for skin cells and protects their energetic potential from aggressions.

  • Solastemisprotects DNA of keratinocytes from UVA rays and shields the skin from photo-aging.

Energizing Primer

Facial makeup combo

High coverage foundation

In this High Coverage Foundation, Emulium® Illustro performs! It stabilizes an emulsion with a high pigment load (25%), and wets pigments enabling an optimal color development.

This facial makeup product has been declined into 3 shades, from a very light to a very dark one, enabling the creation of a full range without trouble.

Activated with Gatuline® Radiance, this formula enhances all aspects of a radiant complexion, including skin color and luminosity.

Leave no room for dark circles to appear with this covering concealer. With its matte finish, the texture doesn't move throughout the day.

Ulti-matte concealer is not just makeup, it acts on all eye contour wrinkles thanks to Gatuline® Link n Lift.

This formula is declined into 3 shades with yellow undertones to cover better the purple color of dark circles.

Ulti-matte concealer

Focus on lashes

Definilash mascara

Discover the perfect balance between stunning lash definition and care with Definilash Mascara, a formula designed to redefine your lashes with precision and separation.

Infused with Definicire®, an innovative blend stemming from Gattefossé's patented wax butter technology, this mascara not only enhances lash definition but also nurtures them.

Say goodbye to clumps as this formula delicately coats each lash, providing a sleek and naturally separated look.

Explore the power of Acticire® MB in a lip balm

Most of the active ingredients on the market are hydrophilic, whereas lip balms are mainly anhydrous... Then how to find a solution to incorporate botanical extracts inside?

Acticire® MB to the rescue!

This wax derivative enables the incorporation of 2% of Gatuline® Expression AF in a lip balm, perfect solution to redesign lip contour. Moreover, Acticire® MB provides moisturizing properties.

Boost your lip hydration with a glossy pink color.

Hydraboost Tinted Lip Balm

Bring a touch of light to complete your look

Multi-purpose eyeshadow

Did you know that Emulium® Dolcea MB is the most robust of Gattefossé's natural emulsifiers? This functional ingredient gives infinite possibilities to formulators. Thanks to it, Marie, our makeup expert, formulated a Multi-purpose Eyeshadow with more than 20% of pearlescent pigments inside!

This creamy textures moisturizes eyelids, but not only! It can be applied on other parts of the face to bring a touch of light to perfect any makeup look.

Feel free to contact your sales representatives to get more information on the formulas and the current marketing trends in makeup.