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A radiant complexion is an essential characteristic of beautiful skin. Complexion indeed plays a key role in perceptions of youth and beauty around the globe.

Gatuline® Radiance enhances microcirculation, bringing blood flow to the surface layers of the skin.

This in turn enhances all aspects of a radiant complexion, including skin color and luminosity. Skin brightness is visibly enhanced even under heavy pollution.


  • Boosts skin microcirculation
  • Fights dullness
  • Enhances skin radiance and luminosity
  • Improves skin color
  • Refines skin texture
  • Anti-pollution (the skin is less reactive, durably soothed)
  • Use level

  • Preservative free

  • Propanediol (and) Evodia Rutaecarpa Fruit Extract

    China NMPA notified

Clinical evaluation

Microcirculation Gatuline Radiance

In vitro and in vivo tests prove Gatuline® Radiance effectively :

  • Improves skin color
  • Enhances skin texture
  • Illuminates the skin
  • Enhances healthy glow
  • Brightens the skin and brings radiance
Pores Gatuline Radiance

Clinically tested in heavy polluted environment, Gatuline® Radiance decreases the visibility of the redness and the dilatation of the pores.

  • The skin is more radiant, with less visible pores
  • The skin is less reactive to external agressions
  • The skin is durably soothed 


Sourcing Gatuline Radiance

Gatuline® Radiance is obtained from Evodia rutaecarpa, also known as “Wu-Zhu-Yu”, a flowering shrub member of Rutaceae family. Evodia rutaecarpa is widely cultivated in southeast China for Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In addition to its medicinal uses, the Chinese would traditionally wear Evodia on the ninth day of the ninth Chinese lunar month (Double Ninth Festival). The plant was thought to bring luck.

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