Lotion, low viscosity for high sprayability

Lotions are liquid preparations in which a finely divided insoluble drug is suspended or dispersed. They are easy to apply and spread readily and can provide a cooling effect. Lotions are used for all skin types and are ideal to treat large or hairy areas, and for difficult to access zones like the back. With their light feel, they are well accepted by patients.  

With or without PEG, choose your lotion

Low viscosity lotion can be obtained either with an emulsion process leading to an ultra-light cream, or a bi-gel process leading to a fluid bi-gel. 

Emulsion process

Bi-gel process

Formulating for stability

Ultra-light cream

The low viscosity of the ultra-light cream makes it challenging to stabilize, as the oil droplets can move in the aqueous phase, and coalescence can occur leading ultimately to phase separation.  

To prevent this phenomenon and get stable lotions, use our win-win combination for increased stability:  

Sprayable fluid bi-gel

Emulfree® Duo enables the preparation at room temperature of fluid bi-gels, with low viscosity for optimum sprayability.