Developing patient-friendly textures

Improvement of topical dosage form texture and sensorial properties is an increasingly common formulation objective: 

  • Improved texture and sensorial properties positively impact patient experience and adherence to treatment. 

  • A growing number of topical medicines switch over to OTC, where brand differentiation and patient choice comes into play. 

  • Innovation can be achieved by reformulating the dosage form with optimized texture and sensorial features. 

Sensory analysis, a tool to formulate patient-friendly textures

Sensory analysis is a scientific discipline that applies the principles of experimental design and statistical analysis to measure, analyze, and interpret the characteristics of a product as they are perceived by the senses. Gattefossé has developed validated methods and established an in-house trained panel.  

Using this approach, we can evaluate the sensorial properties of prototype formulations to assess the influence of raw materials in the formulation, evaluate the main texture characteristics of our excipients, compare prototypes with market references, understand market preferences, construct a broad texture database, and help our customers develop their own formulations. 

We have developed a kit of placebo formulations to illustrate the unlimited range of textures our functional excipients provide.