Bi-gel, opening up innovation potential

Bi-gels consist of an intimate mixture of an aqueous gel and an oily gel. Due to their dual nature, bi-gels are associated with the following advantages: suitable for lipophilic and hydrophilic drugs, better drug absorption through the skin, cooling and moisturizing effects and improved spreadability. 

Mixing intimately aqueous and oily gels

Bi-gels are usually produced by preparing separately the aqueous gel and the oily gel, and then mixing both phases at high speed. Depending on the gelling agents used in both phases, different ratios water/oil phases can be achieved, and process temperature and mixing speed need to be adapted. 

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Bi-gels made easy with Emulfree® Duo

Emulfree® duo is an oil-stabilizing agent, processable at room temperature and a PEG-free excipient. 

Consistency of the bi-gel can be increased with the use of thickeners, such as Compritol® 888 pellets or Geleol™ Mono and diglyceride NF 

Transcutol® P and Lauroglycol™ FCC are solubilizers and penetration enhancers of a wide range of drugs. 

Oily vehicles such as liquid Labrafac™ Lipophile WL 1349  or solid Suppocire® A  are used to improve the texture and the emolliency.

Discover the innovation potential of bi-gels