Opting for the best emulsifier, as a function of the formulation

Our emulsifiers are all-in-one self-emulsifying bases, enabling the preparation of homogenous emulsions with pleasant textures. They offer excellent compatibility, are non-irritant, color and odor free.  

A range of emulsifiers, from versatile to specific

Tefose® 63

  • Versatile: can be used with a wide range of drugs 
  • Range of viscosity, including fluid, foam, or rich cream 
  • Use at 5%–20% (w/w) 
  • Outstanding mucosal tolerance 
  • One-pot manufacturing process feasible 

Gelot™ 64

  • Ideal for difficult-to formulate APIs (e.g., alcohol extracts, acidic drugs, and essential oils) 
  • Forms rich creams and balms over a wide pH range 
  • Use at 2%–12% (w/w) 
  • Can emulsify anhydrous phase (PEG, glycerin) 
  • Suitable for anti-acne drugs (tretinoin, azelaic acid) 

Plurol® Diisostearique

  • Liquid excipient ideal for heat-sensitive APIs when used in cold emulsification process 
  • PEG-free emulsifier 
  • Non-irritant; suitable for sensitive skin 
  • Forms rich creams when used at 3%–6% (w/w) 
  • W/O emulsification: up to 85% of aqueous phase 

Tefose® 1500

  • Versatile: can be used with a wide range of drugs 
  • Recommended for sprays and lotions 
  • Use at 5%-10% (w/w) 


  • Ideal for formulations with high oil content  
  • Compatible with a wide variety of oils. 
  • Compatible with most APIs at pH between 4.5 and 7.0. 
  • Recommended for sticks 

Sedefos™ 75 

  • Ideal for water sensitive APIs 
  • Suitable for anhydrous formulations 
  • Recommended for balms and foams 
  • Compatible with all oily phases (up to 40%). 
  • One pot process is feasible when amount of Sedefos™ 75 ≥ 9%. 

Co-emulsifiers, for stronger emulsions



Co-emulsifiers reinforce the action of the emulsifier at the interface between the aqueous and oily phases, ensuring shelf-life stability. 

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