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Inspiration 2022


Sensorial expert for more than 20 years, Gattefossé always surprises and delights with innovative cosmetic textures.

Four years ago, Gattefossé created INSPIRATION: a tool to discover novel, sensorial experiences and galvanize creativity. Providing pleasure, surprise, and motivation, this creative concept aims to awaken formulators’ inner imagination.

INSPIRATION highlights one or several topics, each of them bringing a new breath through innovative textures and visuals. The formulations, that illustrate each idea, will help formulators to rediscover Gattefossé’s ingredients outside of their comfort zone.

In 2022, INSPIRATION presents a new topic: Escapism

After months of working remotely, social withdrawal, and geographical restrictions, the desire to travel is stronger than ever. But the environmental impact of mass tourism darkens this desire. A real dilemma!

Instead of going to the other side of the globe, we can be satisfied with simple things. While favoring more environmentally friendly transport modes, one can discover or rediscover their own country and share time with loved ones to improve and create a memorable journey.

The 2022 edition of INSPIRATION, called Escapism, invites to dream about next destinations while rethinking the way we travel. Gattefossé’s applications lab has therefore developed practical and innovative formulas to accompany travelers in their new adventures!

5 new formulas perfectly adapted to travel

These formulations have been designed to perfectly meet travelers needs: easily transportable, smaller and lighter than conventional versions, multifunctional, no waste left behind… The lab thought outside of the box to create cosmetics that practical but also desirable to attract new consumers.

Softer Skin Stick



Softer Skin Stick (2613-1.17) is a 99% natural origin scrub in the practical form of a stick. It is possible to use it on dry skin or on wet skin for a more slippery application. Its texture, stabilized with Emulium® Dolcea MB, emulsify on contact with water, for an easy rinsing.

Everything Balm



Everything Balm (2620-1.02) is a 99% natural origin anhydrous multifunctional balm that takes care of the skin of the face, the body, the hands and also the lips and the hair. It contains Acticire® MB which allows the incorporation of aqueous ingredients such as active ingredients or colorants, for more customization!

Magma Mask


Magma Mask (2618-2.52) is a 98% natural origin mask in the form of surprising solid black pellets, obtained thanks to Geleol™ MB and Emulium® Kappa MB. One pellet represents a unique dose of a product, making it possible to take only the needed quantity. First, crush a pellet of the Magma Mask in your palm, then take a bit of 2620-1.02 Everything Balm (or alternatively hot water). Mix to form a thick black mask to spread directly onto the skin and rinse after 10 minutes.

Scalp & Body Scrub



Scalp & Body Scrub (2628-1.07) is a 94% natural origin anhydrous wax with grains of sodium bicarbonate that gently exfoliates and cleanses the scalp, then rinses easily as grains will be dissolved by water, leaving no particles in the hair. The presence of Emulium® Kappa MB helps to improves rinsing while Acticire® MB boosts foam formation. It can also be used on the body for a 2-in-1 application.

Slide n’ Foam


Slide n’ Foam (2621-2.09) is a 92% natural origin solid face cleanser that invites to a new gesture! Apply the product directly onto dry skin, then rub the skin with wet hands to create foam, boosted by Acticire® MB, and clean the skin. Thus, the product is not damaged by water and is gentler for the skin. Indeed, only the right amount is applied thanks to its melting texture obtained with the help of Lipocire™ A SG.