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We have been facing some trying times these past few years – a global pandemic, war, political divide, and climate change. It is no wonder many of us feel so stressed out, on top of our daily worries around work, school, or personal relationships. We know stress isn’t healthy for the mind, body, and soul. But, it is particularly damaging to the skin because “in times of stress, your stress hormones rise and trigger your oil glands to produce more oil, which then triggers acne flares.”*

According to SPATE, the acne condition ranks #2 within the face concerns category of skincare, with the top subcategory of stress acne showing the highest year-over-year growth. We may not be able to resolve such global issues at Gattefossé, but we can surely provide you with self-care rituals to help you keep calm and Gatt’ your clear skin on!

Fight acne with Gattefossé

In overwhelming times, there truly is a need for cocooning and rejuvenating moments,  which is why Gattefossé has developed a beauty routine comprised of 6 sensational creations that reinforce the pleasures of self-care while facing daily uncertainties. This light and fresh skincare kit guarantees an instant healthy glow and gives you a boost from morning to night! 

2583-1.20 Lemon Curd Mask

This vibrant yellow, lemon-curd-looking texture is actually a fruit acid face mask! Stable at low pH, Emulium® Dolcea MB creates its gourmand and thick texture while Glypure 70 and Lemon Secrets™ give a renewed and luminous complexion. Simply apply on dry skin, leave on for 10 min, and then rinse.

2590-1.08 Zero Shine Cream

No more shiny skin with this soft, formidable cream that mattifies the skin without drying it out. This creamy texture penetrates quickly and leaves a comfortable and matte film. Cytobiol™ Iris A² helps to fight against shine and reduce imperfections while Plurol® Stearique MB provides a dry, powdery after-feel.

2587-1.07 Anti-Spot Body Spray

Other body areas such as the décolleté, back, and shoulders can also suffer from imperfections. This ultra-fluid bi-gel, made possible with Emulfree® CBG MB, has been specifically designed to purify these areas without leaving a sticky or greasy film, so it’s easy to get dressed after applying.

2588-3.07 Targeted Treatment

Pimples are a thing of the past thanks to this natural transparent gel!  Cytobiol™ Iris A² and Original Extract™ Lemon Bio help purify the skin and minimize breakouts. Plus, its texture is well-adapted for a pump or roll-on applicator for an ultra-targeted application.

2584-1.05 Visibly Clean Serum

This fluid texture is ideal for fighting imperfections! It spreads easily, penetrates quickly, and leaves a very soft, thin protective film, as acne-prone skin also needs protection.  Emulium® Dolcea MB, which has demonstrated its moisturizing properties, and high quantities of propanediol, guarantee hydration. Plus, the skin is purified and clearer thanks to Cytobiol™ Iris A² and Original Extract™ Lemon Bio.

2585-2.08 Perfect Skin Night Cream

Wake up every morning with perfect skin, thanks to this multi-functional night cream! Formulated with Emulium® Mellifera MB, this texture penetrates quickly and leaves a fine, comforting protective film on the skin. Cytobiol™ Iris A² and Gatuline® Renew form an active combo that leaves the skin clear, matte, smoothed, and hydrated.

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