Cytobiol™ Iris A²

Goodbye to skin imperfections

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Acne is the result of an excess of sebum and blemishes. While this skin problem affects almost all teenagers, it can also persist into adulthood: adult acne affects one in five women today.

It may have a severe impact on self-esteem, not to mention potential after effects such as scarring and post-inflammatory disorders.

A targeted solution is necessary that will both treat blemishes and ensure the skin remains shine-free.


  • Fights blemishes
  • Blurring effect
  • Minimizes pores
  • Reduces skin shine and creates a matte finish
  • Purifies
  • Use level

  • Natural origin (ISO 16128): 99.8%
    Preservative free

  • Propanediol (and) Water (and) Alcohol (and) Iris Florentina Root Extract (and) Zinc Sulfate (and) Retinyl Palmitate

    China NMPA notified

Clinical evaluation

Before/After Cytobiol Iris A

Designed to fight the causes of oily skin, Cytobiol™ Iris A² has been clinically shown to purify the skin, diminish shine, minimize pores, and reduce skin imperfections .

Cytobiol™ Iris A² is an efficient active for a uniform, matte, poreless and blemish free complexion.


Sourcing Cytobiol Iris A

Cytobiol™ Iris A² is a synergistic blend of three active ingredients:

  • Iris Rhizome Extract: cultivated in the Mediterranean region, iris rhizomes are rich in sugars and polyphenols, which give them moisturizing, soothing, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Vitamin A with seboregulating properties
  •  Zinc Salt, a mineral element essential for healthy skin. In Cytobiol Iris A2, it functions as an antibacterial seboregulator

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