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The new normal in skin care

Protection claims at the forefront

Whilst our world evolves towards more extreme and challenging conditions, the need for protection becomes predominant in the beauty sector.

Skin care is not just about beauty anymore

Consumers are more than ever concerned about the impact of external aggressors on their skin. Unexpectedly and without any apparent link, the repetition of violent storms, heat waves and air pollution are changing the way we consider cosmetics.
The status of the skin changes: it is more and more considered as an organ in interaction with its surrounding environment.
Its role as a barrier against external nasties is now clearly admitted, explaining why protection claims have started to infuse the skin care category.

Whilst in the past, the correction of wrinkles was one of the first leitmotiv of skin care users, beauty is now associated with a preventative and health-driven vision. We are all looking for ways to keep our skin healthy. The covid19 pandemic has even expanded this focus on health.
Therefore, photoprotection, fight against chemicals and digital pollution are the winning claims.  
End of 2021, Mintel reported that 52% of US women have used skin care products with SPF and 40% a makeup product with SPF(1). The market research agency even reported that “total protection” messages are becoming really popular.

Gattefossé’s protective solutions

Through the years, Gattefossé developed plant-based actives targeting a wide range of skin aggressors.

About sun rays:

The latest one, Solastemis™ has been launched following an in-depth R&D program. Together with a research group specialized in genotoxic stress, Gattefossé uncovered that UVA can damage keratinocyte stem cells. Indeed, DNA lesions induced by UVA in keratinocytes are associated to a weakening of their self-renewal capacity, their so-called “stemness” potential, ultimately related to epidermal alterations.
Extracted from chayote fruit, Solastemis™ acts on the preservation of the DNA of keratinocytes from UVA rays and boosts endogenous DNA repair system.

It protects the stem cells of the epidermis while also offering a shield for the dermis macromolecules (collagen, elastin) against UV assaults.
Consequently, Solastemis™ helps to correct various symptoms associated with photoaging:  wrinkles are reduced, the microrelief is smoothed, the skin complexion appears brighter, more even, and healthier.

Surrounded by screens:

In the field of protection, EnergiNius® is an active deeply anchored in modern life. Artificial visible light (AVL) is everywhere. Daily use of electronic devices (cell phones, computers, and tablets) leads to increasing exposure to LED sources emitting in visible light wavelengths.
EnergiNius® protects skin cells from screen emitted artificial visible light and boosts cellular energy deeply affected by screen exposure. Strongly reinforced, the skin is visibly revived, and the signs of fatigue disappear in favor of a healthy glow.
Interestingly, it is derived from Indian Ginseng roots, an adaptogen plant able to increase the skin and body’s resistance to several stress factors.

A radiant skin even in a heavy polluted environment:

Gatuline® Radiance is issued from the fruit of Evodia rutaecarpa, very reputed in Traditional Chinese Medicine
It enhances microcirculation, bringing blood flow to the surface layers of the skin. It helps maintain flawless skin tone, bringing uniform complexion and visibly enhanced skin brightness, even under heavy pollution.
The active has been clinically tested in a polluted environment, in China, on a panel of women with sensitive skin. Gatuline® Radiance shows capacities to reduce the visibility of the redness and dilatation of pores. The skin is durably soothed and less reactive to external aggressions.

Boosted protection for the hair and the skin:

Gatuline® Age Defense NP is a global solution against time and environmental assaults. Rich in scavenging and energizing molecules, it protects the natural cellular antioxidant pool. Its scavenging potential has been demonstrated in vivo on the skin and ex vivo on hair locks, through the measurement of the peroxide rate.
Gatuline® Age Defense NP is extracted from a by-product of the food industry, using pressed walnut seedcake, a solid residue obtained after the production of walnut oil.

If you want to get more information about our protective solutions, do not hesitate to contact your local sales representative.

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