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Fall in love with color

Seasonal Inspired Makeup

Fall is almost here! We reach for our sweaters and wrap ourselves in scarves before heading out to enjoy the crisp air and multi-colored foliage. Aside from our clothing and accessories, we also use makeup to emphasize the beauty of the season. While bold lip colors are here to stay, these newer makeup trends are sure to make you fall in love with the change of seasons. According to Allure, the top fall make-up trends will include, barely there foundations, cream products, graphic liner with bright accent colors, pastel eyes and red lips, soft, metallic lids, and dewy + matte makeup. (1)

Looking to formulate for these trends? Don’t worry, Gattefossé has you covered with formulations and ingredients that can keep these pigmented formulas looking bold!

Natural Base

Natural-looking skin is nothing new, many consumers these days prefer lighter foundations, closer to their natural skin to even out their skin tone and mask slight imperfections without the heavy coverage of full coverage foundations. The lightweight formulations allow consumers to embrace their own skin and achieve a look that showcases their own uniqueness with an even complexion. The sheer coverage helps to contrast the bold eye and lip colors that come with fall makeup.

Our Simply Matte BB Cream was formulated with Emulium® Illustro to create a natural foundation that leaves the skin with a light, matte finish on the skin. This all-in-one tinted cream provides sun protection with SPF 25 and light coverage to provide a uniform complexion. In this formula, Emulium® Illustro is not only used to create the water-in-oil emulsion but also as a pigment wetter to help incorporate both the mineral SPF filters and the foundation pigments. This award-winning emulsifier makes creating sensorial makeup and suncare formulations a breeze!

Metallic lids

The Y2K makeup aesthetic has been taking over social media feeds and has racked up over 1.6 billion views on TikTok alone. (2) A mix of 90s nostalgia and modern makeup techniques, this style brings playfulness to everyday makeup with pops of bright colors, metallics, and frosty eyeshadows. The metallic eyeshadow trend also provides a soft but ethereal look that goes well with natural base makeup.

Not a fan of chalky metallic eyeshadows that dry out your eyelids? We weren’t either so we formulated the Crown Jewel Shimmer Shadow with Emulium® Dolcea MB to bring softness upon application and additional benefits such as intense hydration to keep eyelids moisturized and softened.

The structure of this unique bouncy texture was built with a 2:2:1 ratio of Compritol® 888 CGGeleol®, and sunflower seed wax to help with the smooth application of this sparkly champagne color to the delicate eyelids. We also included a water-based active ingredient to bring skincare properties to this makeup formulation through the use of Acticire® MB which allows for the incorporation of water-based ingredients into anhydrous formulations. An extract of the curry leaf stem, EleVastin™, works in the background to limit skin sagging and boost skin elasticity.

Autumn pout

Last but not least, red lips are a trademark of fall. Whether you grab a classic red, ox blood, or burgundy color, red lipstick is the bold color that you can use to complement your natural base makeup or help make pastel eye colors look autumn appropriate. These bold colors help make a statement and pull together any fall outfit.

Reach for our Full Metal Lip Cream to bring a metallic, matte burgundy color to your fall look. Our naturally derived water-in-oil emulsifier, Emulium® Illustro was used to create this soft lip cream and provide a soft slip while Lipocire™ A SG was added to bring a melting sensation and help the product glide on the lips.

Typically, matte lip products tend to be drying but Acticire® MB was added to provide moisturization and comfort to the lips.

Whether you’re formulating for the trends we mentioned here or any other fall makeup trends, Gattefossé has the ingredients to help you create autumn-inspired makeup that is beautiful and bold.

Interested in lip trends and innovations around these products? Register here for our webinar, Pout Perfect on Thursday, September 29th.


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