Compritol® 888 CG MB

Multifunctional texturizing agent

A natural multifunctional texturizing agent for skin care, makeup and sun care products, Compritol® 888 CG MB can be used as a consistency agent, an oil phase thickener and a stabilizer. It allows the creation of ultra-melting and comfortable anhydrous balms and brings body to formulations.

Use level


NPA certified
NSF compliant

Glyceryl Behenate

Of 100% vegetable origin, Compritol® 888 CG MB is made from a mix of fatty substances from seeds and rapeseed oil. In the oil phase, it creates a thickening network that increases stability, even at high temperature.

sunshine on yellow rapeseed oil flower field over blue sky


  • Consistency agent
  • Oil phase thickener
  • Stabilizer
  • Increases heat stability


  • Skin & Hair care: anhydrous balms, W/O emulsions
  • Makeup: foundations, eye shadows, mascaras
  • Suncare


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