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Eyeglorius™ is an oil-soluble bioactive dedicated to anti-fatigue skin care and make-up formulas. 

It offers cosmetic brands a versatile solution, capable of treating dark circles and puffiness, all at once. It specifically acts on microcirculation and excessive vascular permeability induced by inflammation. Doing so, it prevents fluids leakage in the sub-ocular area and the onset of dark circles and puffiness, as two clinical studies confirmed.


  • Secures microcirculation
  • Improves the endothelial barrier function
  • Regulates under-eye hyperpigmentation
  • Fades dark circles
  • Reduces puffiness
  • Limits signs of fatigue
  • Use level 2%

  • COSMOS certified
    Natural origin (ISO 16128): 100%
    Preservative free

  • Octyldodecyl Myristate (and) Hippophae Rhamnoides Extract

    China NMPA notified

The ingredient video summary

Mechanism of action

Vessel like structure with eyeglorius

Dark circles and eye bags result from stress-induced local inflammation that increases vascular permeability
and alters microcirculation.

Eyeglorius™ stands out for its remarkable abilities to secure microcirculation and reinforce the endothelial barrier function. Tested on a 3D model of vascularized dermis stressed with TNF-α, the active helps to reinforce the structure of capillaries and leads to a significant reduction in vascular permeability, responsible for the appearance of edema and dark circles.

It also promotes the degradation of hemoglobin and prevents oxidation, which are key contributors to under-eye hyperpigmentation.

Clinical evaluation

Eye bags before after

Two double-blind clinical studies confirm Eyeglorius™ efficiency in reducing signs of fatigue associated with microcirculation disorders. 

Results show a significant reduction of eye bags volume combined with a lighter appearance and smaller surface for dark circles. Eyes are embellished, sparkling, and re-energized. 


Derived from the upcycled leaves of sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides), Eyeglorius™ harnesses the extraordinary phytochemical richness of the plant.
A nutritional powerhouse, rich in health-supporting molecules, sea buckthorn is widely used in food or herbal medicine. Phenolic acids, lipophilic compounds, vitamins, or organic acids endow the plant with impressive anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Gattefossé sources the under-utilized sea buckthorn leaves from a family-owned orchard in Quebec, Canada, committed to organic cultivation and the transformation of berries into food items. Leaves are upcycled from the annual harvest of the fruit branches.

Triterpenoid acids: Quality and efficacy tracers eyeglorius

Triterpenoid acids (mainly ursolic, maslinic, and oleanolic acids) have direct effects on skin microcirculation by reducing inflammation-induced vascular permeability and reinforcing the endothelial barrier function. Interestingly, they also present a potential in the degradation of the red pigment of dark circles. 

Working with eco-design principles in mind, a process based on supercritical COwas developed to maximize the triterpenoid acids content while ensuring quality, security, and energy sobriety, aligned with Gattefossé’s CSR commitments. 

Phytosterols are also abundant in the bioactive and bring a complementary contribution to the fight against inflammation-induced vascular permeability.