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Boom in Biodegradability

Sustainability has been a long-time leading trend and core value for consumers. But we are seeing a stronger focus on biodegradability as of late. The biodegradable claim, practically inseparable from naturality and sustainability claims, has risen 234% since 2016 and is driven by European influence. According to Mintel, 56% of French, 53% of German, 59% of Italian, and 65% of Spanish beauty and personal care (BPC) users have reduced the number of beauty or grooming products that are not biodegradable.

Biodegradable claims are often found on toiletries, hair care products, and sun care, as this environmental concern mainly targets rinse-off products. However, we have seen a slowly increasing number of leave-on products launching with the same claim.

Industry CSR Commitments

Industry leaders are taking action by updating their CSR policies and developing eco-design tools to prioritize biodegradability. L’Oreal commits that 100% of its formulas will be biodegradable by 2030. By the same year, Biotherm claims that 90% of their skincare formulas will be biodegradable, while 100% of L’Occitane rinse-off products will contain 95% biodegradable ingredients. And even sooner, Clarins promises to have 100% of its suncare and rinse-off formulas biodegradable by 2025. But multinational companies are not the only ones prioritizing biodegradability. Raw material suppliers are too!

For more information on eco-design tools for formulation development, see our 20-min webinar Biodegradability in Cosmetics, on December 15, 2022, at 2:00 pm EST.

Biodegradable by Gattefossé

At Gattefossé, we have biodegradable ingredients that can help you achieve eco-friendly formulations. We use the OECD 301F method, which measures the oxygen consumption of bacteria from sewage water resulting from the biodegradation of the chosen substance. In this test, the substance is considered readily biodegradable when it is at least 60% biodegraded after 28 days of the test. 

Emulium® Dolcea MB

The composition of Emulium® Dolcea MB, our 2021 inCOS Global award-winning, PEG-free, O/W emulsifier, has been carefully chosen to ensure excellent biodegradability. Using the OECD 301F test method, we found that Emulium® Dolcea MB is readily biodegradable!

We recommend using Emulium® Dolcea MB for every personal care application, especially if you seek a soft sensory experience and bonus moisturizing benefits!


And since haircare is a product type of top concern, we also tested whether Definicire®, our dedicated hair care ingredient, is biodegradable. Results show that Definicire® is also readily biodegradable.

Not to mention, Definicire® has a biomimetic lipidic composition inspired by natural hair lipids that can serve as an alternative to quaternary compounds and silicones, with substantiated performance in volume/frizz control, ease of combing, and more.

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Definicire® is an active texturizing agent that recreates the hair protective lipid…

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Emulium® Dolcea MB

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Emulium® Dolcea MB is a robust natural origin O/W emulsifier which provides an…

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