Caring for our people

As a family run group since 1880, we are committed to taking care of our talents all over the world. All our employees represent the main resource to ensure our development and are a true source of dynamism and diversity. Their well-being, health, safety and personal fulfillment are at the heart of our concerns.

Our key figures for 2023

Promoting equal opportunities

In terms of equal opportunities, the result of our Gender Equality Index from the French Ministry of Labor in 2024 (for 2023 data) is 91/100, 10 points higher than in 2019. This continuous improvement approach is the result of our ongoing compensation policy and the implementation of an internal equal opportunities program. It encourages us to pursue and constantly improve our pay equity policy.

The index consists of key indicators that assess gender inequality in companies as one score out of 100. Here are the scores obtained by Gattefossé SAS for each indicators: 36/40 (gender pay gap), 35/35 (individual increase allocation variance), 15/15 (salary increase upon return from maternity leave), 5/10 (parity among the ten highest earnes).

These results show an improvement compared to 2019 and encourage us to continue our efforts in terms of professional equality.

Initiatives to support our employees

Working in a safe & positive environment

In a safe & positive workplace, all employees are treated with respect and dignity, regardless of their ethnic origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability. Since 2020, we have implemented a Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) program in our USA and Canada affiliates. This program, driven by an Advisory Committee of employee volunteers, aims to help educate and bring diversity and inclusion awareness in the workplace. Its purpose is to engage the team in D&I conversation and promote best practices with regards to racial, social, sexual, and gender diversity. Throughout the year, the program provides opportunities for employees to discuss social issues and share their cultural diversity. Diversity and inclusion are the foundations of a positive workplace, where everyone can develop both personally and professionally. These foundations are also shared with all new arrivals when they join the company.

Providing a common framework for all managers

Team cooperation, quality relationships and employee development are essential components of our values. Our international environment is constantly changing, and the challenges we face are increasingly complex. We need to adapt dynamically if we are to stay on course. To achieve this, Directors, managers and employees have worked together to set up a reference framework that provides common guidelines based on concrete managerial practices. It accompanies Group managers on a daily basis and at all key management moments. Managers and employees all have a role to play in the quality of life at work.

Developing their expertise

From R&D & production to quality, marketing, purchasing and sales networks, expertise is an essential component of our values. Throughout the year, employees have the opportunity to develop their skills by taking part in professional training courses. In 2022, between mandadory and professional training, each employee benefited from an average of 2.9 training courses.

We also offer individual support from the moment they join the company, via a special "newcomer" program comprising a wide range of training courses to help them discover the company's activities and familiarize themselves with its culture and values.


Sharing our knowledge

Sharing knowledge has been in the company's DNA since its creation, particularly with the younger generations. Every year, we welcome many interns and work-study students to the various departments of our Saint-Priest site (France). Our aim is to offer them the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice, and to share our expertise and know-how. In 2022, we supported more than 20 work-study students at our Saint-Priest site. And some of them became full-time team members.

Improving safety and prevention on a daily basis

We are part of the chemical industry. This industrial sector entails risks which have to be constantly monitored. This is why we are committed to doing everything necessary to ensure that none of our employees is involved in an accident or injured while carrying out her/his work. This objective is reflected in the deployment of a health & safety management system, the implementation of a continuous improvement program, training in incident and accident management, and the creation of incident sheets. This tool is available to all employees to avoid all possible risks (safety and environment).

As part of our continuous improvement approach, our production and logistics operators carry out stretching and muscle-warming exercises. These warm-ups wake up the body aim to prevent injuries, reduce accidents and more! It’s an opportunity to start the day gently and share a moment of conviviality.