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Hacks to a healthy glow

3 Must-Haves for Skin & Survival

Human survival relies on three fundamental needs: nourishment (food and water), air, and shelter. We cannot survive without these essentials, and neither can our skin! How can we package these into personal care products for optimized function, health, and appearance of skin?

Stay hydrated

Did you know that humans can survive up to one month without food but only three days without water? (1) That is because all the major bodily systems, like thermal regulation, joint lubrication, organ and tissue protection, circulation, nutrient absorption, and waste removal, depend on water to function and survive. (2)

What about the skin?

Water makes up the majority of skin composition. So, being our largest, most external organ, it is easy to recognize when skin is dehydrated: complexion appears duller, more tired with deeper dark circles, and fine lines and wrinkles are more visible. On the contrary, skin appears more radiant, plumper, and smoother when sufficiently hydrated. But drinking 8 cups of water is not enough to fix this. You need to add a moisturizer to your daily routine too!


We recommend Emulium® Dermolea MB as the O/W emulsifier to bring a clinically proven moisturizing effects to your personal are products. Tested in South Africa on Black and Brown skins, Emulium® Dermolea MB brings immediate and long-lasting moisturization after a single application.

And in China, we tested the same formulation on medium skin tones and proved its capacity to moisturize for 28 days and up to 48hrs after the last application.


Just breathe

Gary Brecka, human biologist and founder of Grant Cardone 10X Health Systems, recommends practicing mindful breathwork to achieve optimal health, as “the presence of oxygen is the absence of disease.” Oxygen is necessary to sustain healthy cellular activity and energy production. And the more you properly oxygenate, the more power you generate. (3)

What about the skin?

A healthy subcutaneous vascular network is necessary to provide the oxygen needed for a refined, illuminating complexion. We recommend adding Gatuline® Radiance to your skincare products for its complementary vasorelaxation and stimulated microcirculation efficacy. Skin texture, luminosity, and color are all improved for a healthier glow and a more uniform appearance.  


Derived from the Wu-Zhu-Yu fruit used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Gatuline® Radiance was also tested in the highly polluted areas of China on sensitive skins, proving to reduce redness and minimize pore appearance.



Humans need shelter for security, personal safety, and protection from weather, disease, and external dangers. So would you prefer one built of straw, sticks, or bricks?

What about the skin?

The stratum corneum (SC), the outermost layer of skin, needs a strong structure because it protects the skin from the external environment. Known as the skin barrier, it has a brick-and-mortar design essential for survival. If compromised, the skin is more prone to external aggressors, water loss, inflammation, and skin sensitivity.

To ensure a reinforced skin barrier, we recommend Gatuline® Renew. This J-Beauty-inspired active accelerates cell renewal by boosting essential proteins needed at every step and epidermal layer. It also increases ceramide synthase-3 (CerS3) mRNA expression, which favors lipid biosynthesis for a stronger and more cohesive permeability barrier. And when the skin barrier is compromised, Gatuline® Renew accelerates its recovery within four days, as opposed to six.


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