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Thinking local

Gattefossé regional commitments

Facing environmental degradation and climate change, voices rise in order to make consumption behaviors changed. This has first fueled the organic food market and progressively spread to other categories.

But beyond organic, consumption patterns that were forgotten through the reign of globalization take off again. Localism is part of this movement.

The locavore movement

The emergence of localism is a sign of the consumers desire to regain control on their consumption and go against a well-established globalized system.

Reasons to favor local consumption are multiple: search of a quality and traceability guarantee, embracing a consum’actor philosophy (against globalization), emotional commitment for local communities or environmental conscience.
The movement primarily appeared in the USA West Coast in food but progressively expanded to other countries and industries.

According to the market research firm Mintel: 

  • 61% of Germans try to buy from local companies where possible.  
  • 43% of UK consumers think that local businesses are good for the UK economy.  
  • 86% of Indians would prefer to use products with ingredients made from their own country.

In cosmetics, territories, soils, origin of the ingredients, local know how are features that matter more than ever before. More and more brands embrace localism, providing reassurance to consumers in quest of traceability, transparency, and local solidarity.

Local commitments in our history

Gattefossé was founded in 1880 by Louis Gattefossé and established in Lyon, in the Auvergne Rhone-Alpes region of France.
From the very beginning, the business has always taken into account sustainability of resources and their growing conditions. The sourcing of raw materials as well as traceability was a major concern and the driver of Louis Gattefossé’s reputation into the perfume sector.
Year after year, close relationships with its partners have been built in order to guarantee the origin of the raw materials.
Today, Gattefossé manufacturing site is still implanted in Lyon. The support to producers and priority to local feedstocks is firmly anchored in the company’s CSR policy.

A French supply chain has been enriched over the years and durable relationships have been created. Our network is made of local partners, passionate farmers and harvesters committed with the respect of nature and biodiversity.

Our regional treasures

4 active ingredients were born from this regional supply chain.

In the preserved environment of Ardèche (less than 200km from Gattefossé manufacturing site), we collect Horse Chestnut flowers (Aesculus hippocastanum) used in our award-winning anti-wrinkles active, Gatuline® Link n Lift. A unique phytochemical signature is obtained thanks to the patented green extraction technology NaDES and contributes to the rapid and visible smoothing efficacy of the ingredient.

Beech tree buds entering in the composition of our historical Gatuline® RC Bio also grow in this protected area of Ardèche, far from towns and industries. Taking advantage of the rich active molecules content hidden in the buds, Gatuline® RC BIO is a multi-pronged approach to skin aging, providing moisture and skin smoothing properties.

One step ahead local sourcing, Gatuline® Age Defense NP is born from an original idea to recycle a by-product from local agriculture. The ingredient is extracted from wasted solid residues obtained after the pressing of walnut oil, an emblematic handicraft of the Isère district (less than 100 km from Gattefossé manufacturing site). A superfood ingredient, walnuts thus provide all their scavenging and energizing molecules to the skin.

Finally, Gatuline® Skin-Repair AF is an organic certified active, extracted from the flowering aerial parts of Cotton Thistle. The plant grows at the heart of France, in a farm managed following principles of an ecological farming method called “conservation agriculture”. Gatuline® Skin-Repair AF helps the skin resolve inflammation. It boosts the synthesis of specialized pro-resolving mediators and therefore, prevents chronic inflammation induced with age called inflamm’aging. Better armed to combat inflammation, the skin regenerates more efficiently.

If you want to explore our locally sourced active ingredients, do not hesitate to contact your local sales representative.