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Defying Gravity

Fighting the force with EleVastin™

Gravity is the force that attracts a body towards the center of the earth or toward any other physical body having mass. In other usages, the noun refers to extreme or alarming importance, a seriousness. When we talk about gravity in the world of beauty, both definitions apply. And the reason for this is best stated by American author Harlan Ellison who said: “nobody escapes age and gravity.” 

Gravity & skin sagging

Sure, gravity may be a necessary force that keeps the universe in check, but it also impacts our skin tremendously as one major cause of sagging skin, a concern of utmost gravity! In 2017, Gattefossé conducted an exploratory study on four focus groups in France and learned that skin sagging is the main fear in the aging process for 18-25-year-olds, an unfortunate symptom, among others, for those 26 to 59 years of age, and a harsh reality for 60-70 years olds.  Several studies have shown a clear link between skin sagging and gravity, (1,2)  including an innovative research study by Dior that compared photographs of a woman jumping on a trampoline. The different stages of the jump represent different levels of gravity pressure, as seen below. (1)

Fight gravity with Gattefossé

These insights inspired Gattefossé to develop a cosmetic ingredient that could bring support to the skin by increasing its capacity to resist pressure resulting in a free-from-gravity facial appearance. With a sharp focus on skin elasticity, Gattefossé developed EleVastin™, a 100% naturally derived active ingredient that promotes skin elasticity and functionality by boosting elastogenesis and biomechanical properties while simultaneously protecting  against elastic degradation.

With an INCI of Betaine/Water/Propanediol/Murraya Koenigii Stem Extract​, this water-soluble anti-gravity hero ingredient can be incorporated into any type of cosmetic application at just 1% to help limit skin sagging, redesign the facial oval, and reduce deep and vertical wrinkles. 

Well-Aging Day Cream



Aging is no longer a problem but a source of pride, thanks to this punchy cream that upgrades mature skin. It brings a healthy glow thanks to its soft peach color and pearls and blurs imperfections and fine lines thanks to a soft-focus powder. Formulated with Emulium® Dolcea MB, its texture is soft and quickly absorbed while leaving a comfortable feel, and EleVastin™ significantly reduces the marks of time.

Anti-Gravity Serum



Gravity is not a fatality! This colorful, pearlescent serum has been specially formulated to fight the signs of gravity over the years. Its fluid and fresh texture obtained thanks to Emulium® Dolcea MB penetrates quickly and leaves a soft finish on the skin. The long-term anti-gravity action provided by EleVastin™ is completed by the action of pullulan, which immediately lifts facial features.

Redefining Body Butter



The face is not the only area to show signs of aging. This body butter is therefore an ally for all skins marked by gravity. Its bouncy texture, created with Emulium® Dolcea MB, penetrates quickly, leaves a very soft and comfortable after-feel without any greasy sensation. Thanks to EleVastin™, body contours are redefined and the skin is smoothed day after day.

Neck & Décolleté Rejuvenator



The neck and décolleté areas are particularly sensitive to the effects of time. This delicately colored cream is ideal for protecting and firming this body part. Thanks to its long playtime, it can be massaged for a long time to tone up and smooth the skin while EleVastin™ brings its anti-gravity action. Formulated with Emulium® Dolcea MB, it leaves a very soft and comfortable after-feel.

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