Free from gravity

Though the laws of gravity are inescapable, the side effects they have on our skin don’t have to be.

EleVastinTM is the targeted solution to gravity-induced skin sagging. The ingredient boosts key proteins involved in the synthesis and maintenance of functional elastic fibers. Doing so, it reinforces skin elasticity giving it the support needed to cope with this downward pressure.

As a result, facial contours are redefined, deep and vertical wrinkles are reduced and a youthful appearance is restored.


Use level


COSMOS approved

Betaine (and) Water (and) Propanediol
(and) Murraya Koenigii Stem Extract

EleVastinTM is a truly natural active ingredient, extracted from the leafy stems of Murraya koenigii, an ayurvedic and aromatic plant. The plant material is harvested in the preserved environnment of La Reunion island, on fertilizer-free plots.

A rich pool of synergistic phytomolecules is obtained using a natural LTTM solvent (low transition temperature mixture) and gentle extraction process.

The ingredient is COSMOS approved and reaches 100% natural origin content according to the norm ISO 16128.


– Promotes and protects skin elasticity

– Reduces the impact of gravity

– Limits skin sagging

– Redesigns facial oval

– Reduces deep and vertical wrinkles


  • Facial care: anti-aging lines for mature skins, treatments dedicated to facial contours and V-shape, anti-gravity products, alternatives to liquid face lift
  • Body care: remodeling / body sculptping products
  • Sun care: products with anti-aging properties


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