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Gattefossé unveils its new oil-soluble bioactive for eyecare, Eyeglorius™

  • Personal care

Gattefossé is embellishing the eyes with a new lipophilic active ingredient: Eyeglorius™.


Inspiration 2024: Gattefossé introduces its latest collection of innovative formulas

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Gattefossé sets 2024 under the theme of "Renaissance" for its new INSPIRATION release. Between reality and imagination, Gattefossé transports its clients into a dreamlike world where nature intertwines with magic for a fresh start.

Inspiration 2024

Upcoming webinar series on veterinary medicines

  • Pharmaceuticals

These webinars are designed for formulators in veterinary laboratories, providing them with comprehensive insights into the use of Gattefossé excipients in dosage forms tailored for companion and food-producing animals.

gattefosse design on veterinary medicines webinar series

Gattefossé won Gold at in-cosmetics Asia 2023, third award for Emulium® Dermolea MB.

  • Personal care

Gattefossé was once again rewarded for its new O/W emulsifier, receiving the gold medal.


New Color Cosmetics Collection

  • Personal care

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Discover a collection of 6 new formulas made according to current makeup trends.

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Makeup kit 2023 - Color Cosmetics Essentials

Gattefossé unveils Emulium® Dermolea MB, the sensitive skin shield

  • Personal care

Emulium® Dermolea MB, Gattefossé’s new plant-based O/W emulsifier, will officially launch at in-cosmetics global 2023 in Barcelona.

Emulium dermolea MB

Inspiration 2023, discover the new collection of formulations by Gattefossé

  • Personal care

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Gattefossé sets the tone for 2023 by launching its new INSPIRATION collection called Daring on the Daily.


Gattefossé wins the INPI Trophies 2022 award in the export category

  • Corporate

Gattefossé received the INPI Trophies 2022 award, in the Export category, at a ceremony organized at the Institut de France.


Gattefossé & CTIBiotech develop world’s first Bioimpedance 3D Bioprinted skin chips to link cosmetics lab testing to humans.

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The developed model that allows fast and non-invasive measurement of sebum production should improve the predictivity of in vitro tests of sebum-regulating ingredients.