Gattefossé unveils Emulium® Dermolea MB, the sensitive skin shield


Emulium® Dermolea MB, Gattefossé’s new plant-based O/W emulsifier, will officially launch at in-cosmetics global 2023 in Barcelona. Emulium® Dermolea MB reduces skin stress and brings long-term soothing due to its unique lipidic composition rich in sterols and triterpenes. This new ingredient was obtained using Gattefossé’s expertise in wax butter technology and is composed of candelilla, rice bran, and jojoba waxes.

The starting point

The skin’s surface lipids become highly impacted when exposed to environmental stress. This stress alters the skin barrier function, facilitating the penetration of irritants and increasing transepidermal water loss (TEWL). As a result, the skin becomes dry and presents sensitivity associated with redness and a stinging sensation. In addition, a compromised skin barrier function can lead to a burning sensation upon application of cosmetic products.
There is a growing need for a gentle, soothing texture agent that reduces the skin’s sensitivity to aggressions and enables the use of skincare and cosmetic products without worrying about uncomfortable side effects.

A true ally of sensitive skin

Gattefossé is proud to introduce Emulium® Dermolea MB, its latest O/W plant-origin emulsifier, a true ally of sensitive skin. Composed of plant lipids close to the skin’s surface and rich in anti-inflammatory pentacyclic triterpenes and sterols, Emulium® Dermolea MB forms a light, skin-compatible film proven to reduce the impact of environmental stressors on the skin. It provides long-lasting relief by strengthening the skin barrier function, hydrating, and protecting the skin.

Emulium® Dermolea MB is multifunctional, making it possible to develop a wide range of cosmetic applications suitable for all skin types and climates.
It can emulsify oil phases up to 40% and create thin sprays to thick butters suitable for skin care, suncare, makeup, and hair/scalp care. It is in the form of pellets, making it easy to formulate with