Gattefossé receives an Innovation Award for Solastemis™

Three years since the previous in-cosmetics Global in Paris, Gattefossé has won yesterday the Bronze award for the best cosmetic actives ingredient for its new launch Solastemis™. The achievement of several years of research by our experts in sourcing of natural products, plant chemistry, cell biology and clinical evaluation.

Solastemis ™ is a powerful active ingredient that protects the skin against UV ageing and responds to the growing needs of consumers concerned about the health of their skin. It acts at the heart of the epidermis machinery, by protecting the DNA of keratinocytes from lesions induced by UVA and by boosting endogenous DNA repair capacity. Doing so, it preserves the stem cells of the epidermis and ensures durable skin health.

Solastemis ™ features a truly natural composition. Active molecules are extracted from Sechium edule (also known as chayote or christophene), a fruit cultivated and manually harvested following zero-waste principles, in La Réunion island.


“This is thrilling news, we are delighted to win this award. It is a very complete active that fights photoageing, notably by protecting our cell DNA and stem cells. We're proud of our teams who have worked so hard on this ingredient and thank the in-cosmetics jury for their decision!”

Paula Lennon Group Director Personal Care

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By preventing DNA and stem cells from UV-induced damage, Solastemis™ protects the…

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