A thixotropic suspension vehicle for pharmaceutical APIs. Ready-to-use in a cold process for thermosensitive actives in soft gel capsule.

Names & synonyms


Mixture of refined soybean oil USP-NF, glyceryl distearate USP-NF and polyglyceryl-3 dioleate USP-NF

EP Name

Mixture of refined soybean oil EP, glyceryl distearate EP and polyglyceryl-3 dioleate


241ATL177A 73071MW2KM XRQ165498B

Preferred Substance Name (FDA)

Soybean oil Glyceryl distearate Polyglyceryl-3 oleate

Handbook of Pharmaceutical Excipients

Soybean oil Glyceryl palmitostearate

Chemical description

Consists of a mixture of refined soybean oil, glyceryl distearate (C18) and polyglyceryl-3 dioleate (C18:1)

Food status

Soybean oil: food grade Glyceryl palmitostearate: FCC, GRAS 21 CFR §184.1329, JSFA
Polyglyceryl-3 dioleate: E475, FCC, USFA 21 CFR§172.854, JSFA

Key characteristics

Product form

Viscous gel



Main functionnalities

Vehicle to suspend pharmaceutical ingredients in soft gelatin capsule.
Good dispersibility in aqueous fluid.
High drug load achievable.
Thixotropic behavior: can be processed only by mixing—ideal for sensitive actives.
Safety of use is inferred by food additive status and precedence of use.

Main formulation technologies

Soft capsule filling

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