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High shear blending with glyceryl distearate provides individually coated drug particles for effective taste masking

  • Scientific publication

Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology, Volume 48, Pages 437-449 - Dec 2018

Yvonne Rosiaux, Amandine Forest, Jean-Michel Girard, Carole Deleglise, Liz Sheehan and Delphine Marchaud

In this study the authors used:
– A design of experiment, to evaluate the effect of process parameters (blending speed, chopper speed and coating time) on drug particle size.
– Potassium chloride as model drug.

The study showed:
– Individual particle coating was achieved at 450 rpm with 20% glyceryl distearate (Precirol® ATO 5) at 48°C
– High shear coating is as efficient as fluid bed coating for taste masking
– A trained sensory panel confirmed the effectiveness of the process on taste masking

High shear coating: a versatile taste-masking process

  • Whitepaper

ONdrugDelivery Magazine, Issue 88, pages 10-13 - Jul 2018

C Morin and Y Rosiaux

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Taste-masked drugs for pediatric medicines through lipid coating

  • Poster

AAPS Annual Meeting & Exposition – San Diego (USA)  - Nov 2017

Rosiaux Y., Forest A., Girard J.M., Deleglise C., Marchaud D.

Efficient taste masking through high shear coating

  • Poster

9th Conference of the European Paediatric Formulation Initiative  - 2017

Rosiaux Y., Forest A., Girard J.M., Deleglise C., Marchaud D.