Oli'Vîne™ ST

Energizing mineral complex

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Nature is a constant inspiration for cosmetics ingredients, but plants are not the only sources of natural actives.

Mineral Matters™ liquid stone extracts apply special technology to extract important minerals from precious stones and make them bioavailable to the skin. The result is a unique line of substantiated stone actives that enhance and protect.

Oli’Vîne™ ST is an energizing magnesium complex extracted from peridot. It increases cellular activity, helps skin cells fight stress, and simultaneously oxygenates and energizes the skin for an anti-aging, anti-stress effect.

The Mineral Matters™ line features five references:

  • Hema’Tîte™
  • Rhodo’Lîte™
  • Zin’Cîte™
  • Mala’Kîte™
  • Oli’Vîne™ ST


  • Oxygenating
  • Energizing
  • Combats cutaneous stress
  • Helps fight dull, tired skin
  • Use level

  • Natural origin (ISO 16128) ≥ 99%
    Preservative free

  • Water (and) Olivine Extract

    China NMPA notified

Mechanism of action

Mechanism Olivine

In vitro tests prove Oli’Vîne™ ST acts effectively on the dermis and epidermis to:

  • increase cell oxygen consumption;
  • boost cellular energy levels;
  • fight environmental stress (greater cell proliferation, antioxidant protection, and anti-aging power).



Peridot is an ancient gemstone.

An earlier term was chrysolite, whose Greek roots mean “golden stone,” an allusion to its gold-green brilliance. Peridot was also used in Egyptian jewelry dating to the time of the pharaohs.  

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