Emulium® 22 MB

Elegant paradox

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Touch and feel are important factors when buying beauty and personal care products. Consumers attach great importance to the texture and comfort of a formulation. Their enjoyment of a given texture encourages use and repurchase, creating a connection between product and consumer.

Today’s consumer also wants to be surprised and charmed by skin care products. Textures that offer something unusual create a unique experience for the user.

Emulium® 22 MB gives consumers this subtle surprise that they are looking for.


  • Excellent stability
  • Refined touch
  • Fine emulsions
  • Use level 2-6%

  • Certified RSPO Mass Balance

  • Tribehenin PEG-20 Esters

    China NMPA notified


Composition Emulium 22

Emulium® 22 MB has a long behenic chain (C22) and yields non-tacky, non-greasy emulsions that leave only a very light residual film, even when used with UV filters.

An O/W emulsifier, Emulium® 22 MB creates fine, elegant emulsions with a transforming skin feel. While products formulated with Emulium® 22 MB look thick and rich in the jar, they are surprisingly light to the touch, with a long play time, light after-feel, and matte finish.


Cream Pot

Emulium® 22 MB may be used for a range of viscosities, from lotion to cream.

Ideal for sun care and make-up applications, Emulium® 22 MB:

  • Works well with sunscreens, pigments, lotions and supple creams
  • Yields fine emulsions and optimal dispersion


Sensory Emulium 22
  • Bright, creamy, rich appearance
  • Excellent pick-up
  • Evanescent feel (light and thin)
  • Easy spreading and rapid absorbency
  • Non-greasy, non-tacky afterfeel
  • Matte finish and little film residue