Gatuline® Link n Lift

Redesign the eye contour

The eye contour is fragile and constantly in movement. This favors the formation of under-eye, tear trough, and crow’s feet wrinkles, which create facial expressions projecting sadness, fatigue, bitterness, and sternness. Reconnecting the epidermis to the dermis, Gatuline® Link n Lift acts on all eye contour wrinkles for a younger and fresher look: the face regains a rested, positive expression.

Use level


ECOCERT / COSMOS certified
NSF compliant
ERI 360° certified (silver)

Fructose (and)
Glycerin (and)
Water (and)
Aesculus Hippocastanum
(Horse Chestnut) Extract

Gatuline® Link n Lift is the first active derived from the horse chestnut flower, rich in active molecules (i.e., flavonoids, tannins, amino acids, and sugars). It is obtained using Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents (NaDES) technology.

harvest of white chestnut flowers in Ardeche

NaDES yields active compositions unattainable with conventional solvents. Natural, nontoxic, and effective at low temperatures, NaDES is perfectly aligned with Gattefossé’s strategy to provide high-performance sustainable ingredients. The horse chestnut flowers are handpicked in Ardèche, France, for responsible sourcing.


  • Significantly reduces eye contour wrinkles: crow’s-feet, tear trough and undereye wrinkles
  • Firms the eye contour
  • Restructures and smooths the skin
  • Improves overall skin quality and comfort
  • Fast acting


  • Anti-wrinkle care
  • Eye contour treatments
  • Pro-aging lines, skin smoothing treatments
  • Natural lines


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