Two new ingredients labelled ERI 360° for Gattefossé

In 2021, the Gattefossé group labelled three active ingredients of its personal care portfolio, Gatuline® Link n Lift, Gatuline® Renew and EnergiNius® under the ERI 360° label. To continue this success, the company is pleased to announce the certification of two new major personal care ingredients: Gatuline® RC Bio and EleVastin™.

And this time, all at the Silver level!


This strict label, co-created by cosmetics industry players including Gattefossé, and developed by Innov’Alliance and a panel of scientific experts, allows us to accurately assess the degree of responsibility of the entire value chain of our products and to measure their ethical, social and environmental performance, from harvesting to the factory gate.

At Gattefossé, it allows to reinforce the eco-responsibility of ingredients on a daily basis, a priority issue of the company’s CSR roadmap, Gatt’Up&Act. More than a label, ERI360° is a precious tool for the R&D teams, allowing them to carry out a self-diagnosis during the research phases, in order to improve the eco-design of future products.

The strengths that make the difference for Gatuline® RC BIO

Natural extract of beech buds, this active ingredient is a real elixir of youth that meets the natural needs of the skin. Moisturized, energized and smoothed, the skin glows with beauty and health.

The beech buds are harvested in France in areas close to the production site of the Gattefossé group in Saint-Priest. This proximity considerably limits the carbon footprint linked to transport. The handpicked, entirely manual and organic certified, also allows us to preserve the biodiversity of the flora but also the resources. This is the case with water. The beech trees are not irrigated, and the buds are frozen directly on site to avoid any enzymatic degradation and do not need to be washed. It is important to underline that the buds are hand-picked on the lower branches to avoid any damage to future development of the tree and respect its natural balance.

This natural active ingredient is obtained through a global production process that does not use any chemical solvent, from the harvesting of the buds to the production of the final extract. This ingredient is COSMOS certified and reaches 96.8% natural origin content according to the norm ISO 16128.


The strengths that make the difference for EleVastin™


This active ingredient is the targeted solution to boost the elastic potential of the skin and fights skin sagging.

It is extracted from the leafy stems of the Murraya koenigii tree. In association with a local, longtime partner, these leafy stems are manually harvested from fertilizer-free plots in the preserved environment of La Reunion island. Perfect traceability is ensured from the tree to Gattefossélaboratories. The cultivation of this tree does not require any irrigation due to the island’s water-rich climate. Leaves from the branches cut off during various pruning operations carried out at private houses are also recovered. This reduces waste as much as possible and to have a beneficial effect on the growth of the trees.

This active ingredient is obtained using a mixture of natural solvents belonging to the family of natural LTTM (Low-Transition Temperature Mixture) and gentle extraction process (NaDES). The ingredient is COSMOS approved and reaches 100% natural origin content according to the norm ISO 16128.

Sustainability of raw materials, a real eco-responsible development strategy for the Gattefossé group


"Gattefossé has always integrated environmental and human aspects into its entire value chain. It is this sustainable approach of our activities that we continue to develop today, because it is a powerful lever for innovation and performance for our group."

Laurent Schubnel Group CSR Leader

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