Microemulsions are thermodynamically stable systems formed spontaneously by gentle mixing of their components: oily vehicle, surfactant/cosurfactant, and water.

A pseudoternary phase diagram determines the respective concentrations of the components yielding a microemulsion. Watch our video for more information on how to develop pseudoternary diagrams.

Gattefosse microemulsion area in ternary diagram


Labrasol® is a liquid oil-in-water (O/W) surfactant (HLB=12) with excellent solubilizing capacity. It is often used in combination with a cosurfactant such as Plurol® Oleique CC 497 (HLB=3).

Labrafac™ Lipophile WL 1349 is an oily vehicle with emollient properties.

Gattefosse TOPICAL MICROEMULSION foamOur formulators have developed microemulsions for the preparation of pharmaceutical foams using propellant-free devices. Case studies with model drugs show that a foam can easily be produced with a microemulsion-based formulation.

Download our white paper for full details on foams.