Excipients to increase consistency of topical dosage forms

Oil rich formulations such as emulsions and ointments often contain ingredients to modulate the final viscosity and consistency of the product. This type of components are called consistency agents or thickeners. Besides the consistency, these ingredients can contribute to the stability of formulations, specially at high temperatures. A high melting point lipophilic glyceride can be added to partially recrystallize in the oil droplets thereby increasing viscosity. 

Advantages of lipid-based thickeners 

Lipid-based thickeners are inert and compatible with a wide range of drugs and excipients 

Compritol® 888 pellets 

Geleol™ Mono and diglycerides NF 

Gelucire® 43/01 

  • Medium melting range: 42-46°C 
  • Available as waxy product 


  • Low melting range: 33-40°C 
  • Available as waxy product