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Labrafac™ MC60 is an efficacious intestinal permeation enhancer for macromolecules: Comparisons with Labrasol® ALF in ex vivo and in vivo rat studies

  • Scientific publication

International Journal of Pharmaceutics - jui 2024

Fiona McCartney, Philippe Caisse, Camille Dumont, David Brayden

In this article, demonstration on how Labrafac™ MC60 acts as a safe intestinal permeation enhancer is given, with insulin as a model molecule. Studies were conducted in vivo and ex vivo, using isolated muscle-stripped rat jejunal and colonic mucosae.

The Role of Lipids in Mitigation of Food Effect

  • Whitepaper

American Pharmaceutical Review - mar 2024

Inayet Ellis, Masumi Dave

In this paper, after a general description of the effect of food on gastrointestinal physiology, drugs, and formulation, the role of lipids is explained along with their digestion and absorption mechanisms. Case studies with self-emulsifying drug delivery systems (SEDDS) are presented as a way to mitigate the food effect. Current in vitro methods to determine indicators for the food effect during the drug development stage are also described.

Formulating pharmaceutical topical dosage forms with high level of solvents and minimal quantity of water

  • Poster

PBP - mar 2024

Delphine Pélisson, Elise Dauphin-Chanard

This poster dives into the formulation of topical dosage forms containing the maximum amount of solvent and the minimum amount of water, while ensuring their stability upon storage.

Advantages of combining polymers and lipids in extrusion processes

  • Poster

PBP - mar 2024

Ceren Yüce, Lolie Cheron, Anja Geissler-Fichtner, Elsa Gattefossé

Lipid excipients lower the glass transition temperature of polymers, enabling hot-melt extrusion at lower engine torque for better processability. Different polymers and lipid combinations have been tested to explore their potential in extrusion processes.

Precision Engineering of Lipid-Based Nanosystems via Impingement Jet Mixing

  • Poster

PBP - mar 2024

M. Zettl, C. Tetyczka, C. Glader, R. Jeitler, S. Stephan, M. Segl, Y. Wang, P. Caisse, V. Bourgeaux, M. Spoerk, E. Roblegg, J. Khinast

Formulation Components' Role in Shaping Continuous Nanocarrier Production through Impingement Jet Mixing

  • Poster

PBP - mar 2024

C. Tetyczka, M. Zettl, C. Glader, R. Jeitler, S. Stephan, M. Segl, Y. Wang, P. Caisse, V. Bourgeaux, M. Spoerk, J. Khinast, E. Roblegg

Flash nanoemulsification with impingement jet mixing is a technique used to produce nanocarriers. This study optimized the nanocarrier formulation to facilitate the manufacturing process and monitoring.

Implementation of an at-line nanoparticle size analyzer in a continuous nano-manufacturing line considering critical measurement and process conditions

  • Poster

PBP - mar 2024

C. Glader, R. Jeitler, N. Cacic, Y. Wang, C. Tetyczka, M. Zettl, J. Khinast, M. Rossano, S. Mesite, M. Lübbert, E. Roblegg

Nanopharmaceuticals' size is a critical quality attribute. This work provides insights about the implementation of an at-line particle size analyzer in a continuous manufacturing line of solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN) and nanostructured lipid carriers (NLC).

Establishment of a continuous inline-monitored nano-production line using the Microfluidizer® technology for the fabrication of safe lipid-based nanoparticles

  • Scientific publication

Macedonian Pharmaceutical Bulletin - sep 2023

Christina Glader, Ramona Jeitler, Yan Wang, Carolin Tetyczka, Manuel Zettl, Johannes Khinast, Manon Rossano, Steve Mesite, Matthias Lübbert, Eva Roblegg

Nano-drug delivery systems (NDDS) serve as a promising platform in modern medicine, facilitating the targeted delivery of drugs due to their versatile size, structure, and composition. However, the current industrial production of NDDS relies on cumbersome batch processes that are costly, difficult to scale, and lack adequate control. This study focuses on enhancing industrial-scale production through the development and testing of a continuous top-down production line, utilizing scalable Microfluidizer® technology for solvent-free preparation of lipid-based nanoparticles.

In vivo confirmation of the permeation enhancement capacity of Labrafac™ MC60

  • Poster

AAPS PharmSci360 – Orlando (USA) - oct 2023

Fiona McCartney, Philippe Caisse , Camille Dumont, David J. Brayden