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Comparative evaluation of Compritol® HD5 ATO with Sodium Stearyl Fumarate and PEG 6000 as amphiphilic, hydrodispersible pharmaceutical lubricants

  • Scientific publication

Journal of Excipients and Food Chemicals, Vol. 8, Issue 1, pages 5-17 - mar 2017

Chhanda Kapadia and Ketkee Deshmukh

In the present study the lubricant capacity of Compritol® HD5 ATO was compared with commonly used amphiphilic lubricants. The

effect of the concentration and mixing time on flow properties, tablet ejection force, hardness, disintegration time and rate of dissolution of paracetamol tablets was evaluated.

The physical properties of the lubricants such as crystallinity, wettability, thermal behaviour and surface area were also measured.

Compritol® HD5 ATO was found to be an as effective a lubricant for a fast disintegrating paracetamol formulation containing microcrystalline cellulose, lactose and PVP prepared by wet granulation in comparison with sodium stearyl fumarate and PEG 6000.

Evaluating the lubricant capacity of Compritol® HD 5 ATO, a water dispersible pharmaceutical lubricant.

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66th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress – Hyderabad (India)  - jan 2015

Ketkee Deshmukh, Gayatri Khanvilkar, Chhanda Kapadia

Functional characterization of powders consisting of mixture of glyceryl behenate and a non-ionic surfactant applied by hot-melt coating: lubricant performance

  • Scientific publication

Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology, Volume 23, Issue 2, Pages 181-185 - 2013

Jannin, V. Bérard, S. Chevrier, A. Malmazet, Y. Chavant, F. Demarne, C. Andrès

Comparative study of the lubricant performance of Compritol®888 ATO either used by blending or by hot melt coating

  • Scientific publication

International Journal of Pharmaceutics. Volume 262, Issues 1–2, Pages 39–45 - aou 2003

V Jannin, V Bérard, A N’Diaye, C Andrès, Y Pourcelot

In this study, the lubricant performance of Compritol 888 ATO is assessed in a classical blending process or by hot melt coating. The results suggest that the hot melt coating process induces an homogeneous repartition of the lubricant on the lactose surface,
contrary to classical blending procedure. Thus, lubrication by hot melt coating seems to be a very efficient procedure. It could be used specifically for large surface area particulate systems producing a lot of friction.

Comparative study of the lubricant performance of Compritol® HD5 ATO and Compritol® 888 ATO: effect of polyethylene glycol behenate on lubricant capacity

  • Scientific publication

International Journal of Pharmaceutics. Volume 254, Issue 2, Pages 263–269 - mar 2003

A. N’Diaye, V. Jannin, V. Bérard, C. Andrès, Y. Pourcelot

In this study the lubricant capacity of Compritol HD5 ATO is compared to Compritol 888 ATO. It shows that mixing lubricants with Lactopress present no structural differences and that they have equivalent compressibility and cohesiveness. This study concludes

that Compritol HD5 ATO could be a very interesting excipient because it associates the glyceryl dibehenate lubricant capacity with the polyethylene glycol property of enhanced dissolution.