Hard fats for suppositories

If not always popular, suppositories remain an ultimate dosage form, when the patient cannot swallow, because of age or a pathology for example. Suppositories can be used, for a systemic action against fever, pain or arthritis for example, or a local action against haemorrhoids or constipation. 

Suppository, straightforward development with Gattefossé

At Gattefossé, we know how important the selection of the suppository base is, and we have developed guidelines to help select the right base depending on the drug properties:  

  • Drug physical form: solid, liquid, waxy 
  • Drug load 
  • Drug solubility in hard fat 
  • Homogeneity of drug dispersion 
  • Risk of drug exudation 

Our bases and formulation expertise enable to: 

  • simplify existing formulations by reducing the number of excipients 
  • optimize the manufacturing process and reduce quality issues 
  • obtain excellent product quality attributes including drug dissolution, i.e., efficacy 

Watch our video to understand how Gattefossé can help shorten your suppository development

A full range of hard fat bases

Our hard fat bases have proven safety and mucosal tolerance, excellent drug dispersion and physicochemical stability, narrow melting range for high performance in vivo and solidification behavior adapted for a wide range of manufacturing equipment. Focus on some bases in our range.

Versatile bases

Suppocire® AM and Suppocire® NAI 25 A  are multipurpose vehicles, suitable for a wide spectrum of APIs. They are ideal for straightforward formulations using manual, semi-automated, or fully automated equipment.

Bases for challenging APIs

Some APIs are more difficult to formulate due to properties such as hydrophilicity, sensitivity to oxidation, or high drug load. They require special bases like the following: 

Drug Characteristics  Suppocire® Grade
Liposoluble  Suppocire® CM 
Hydrophilic  Suppocire® NAS 50 
Glycerin  Suppocire® AGP 
Sensitive to oxidation  Suppocire® NA 15